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  1. Does anyone know of a link that does work or can someone upload it for me, please? I'm stuck with SonicStage (Ps. I've got the NW-S205F). Thank you very much in advance.
  2. zacka

    NW-S205F: sound-delay

    Recently all the mp3-files I've transferred to my NW-S205F has a "sound-delay". The songs are so sloooow. Madonna sounds like a man and the beat is much slower than normal (sorry if I explain myself badly...) I have'nt done anything different and the problem doesn't only occur when I transfer from one computer. I've transferred files from both my private-PC and work-PC. I use VoidMP3FM to transfer. Anyone experienced the same problem? Maybe I should try formatting the player and transfer the files all over again.
  3. Yikes... The guy at Sony mailed me yesterday telling me the same thing I know already, that "in european countries, all mp3-players has a volume limit to protect our ears bla bla bla..." Hello? Couldn't he at least stop playing dumb and tell me, "sorry, I'm not allowed to tell you that" or something. I'm very satisfied with my NW-S205F in every other ways, so it's quite annoying that the volume is so low...
  4. What do you think happens if I write Sony a mail asking for the procedure to access the service-menu? (I tried. I'm curious to see what answer I get I wrote a very polite mail.)
  5. Does a volume limit unlock exist for this player yet? I recentlly got the NW-S205F-player and I think the volume is so low... I'd be very happy if someone knows howto "fix" this
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