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  1. Around a year ago I completely switched to Linux, windows wasn't worth keeping for the sake of one device. I cannot even get it to mount as a storage device. now the only way to get music on to the thing is recording via analog, which takes a long time and you have to re-enter all the track names. also I don't have anything with an optical out so that is useless too. The main reason I bought it was because it has non fixed storage and because it can record, which is my main complaint with 99.9% of 'mp3' players. being abe to record is very usfal i.e. for archiving cassette tapes, this is slavery crippled by sonys insistence on using 'sonic stage'. it cost around £120~ about 3 years ago, and I spent about £20-30~ on disks, If I sold it with the 20 disks(normal md's, formatted so completely empty) and disk case how much would it be worth?. to prove its in good condition, here are some photos. at the moment im just seeing if it would be worthwhile selling, this is not an advert.
  2. i liv in chepstow so london is abit to far away
  3. This is somthing ive been searching for for ages. I cannot find anywere that sells gig discs in the uk and it isn't worth the huge inport fees of geting them from another country. Is there anywere in the uk that sells them, and doesn't charge £40 postage?
  4. ive been using Linux for a week, its a hell of allot faster than windows, and is also extremely stable, is unikly to crash. downsite is that drivers are a pain in the ass! and wireless networks can be verry difficult. i still haven't got working internet in ubuntu!
  5. if you have the music on the discs still you may have no choice but record of the discs to the pc.
  6. im using fisty, is that the problem?
  7. my computer wont reconise it welst runing under linux. i hope that linux or somthing knoks m$ of the top of the computer market. there os's have just been geting werce. im lerning linux so i never haft to get vista
  8. i just need to get it working as a memory stick for now mabie i can emulate the driver why dos everyone hate sonic stage? its a good, easy to use peace of softwere.
  9. hi i'm converting to ubuntu, it wont recognise my hi-md recorder. are there any linux drivers avaloble? its mostly used as a infanate capacity memory stick!. sonic stage is suppost to run in wine. iv always hated mp3 players! especially the ipod. im deslexic, plese excuse any speling errors
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