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  1. I wondered why that Mexican Coke tastes so good!!!!
  2. I go through phases of irritation with Md/HiMd and end up listening to my IPod till the sound drives me nuts and I go back.I date MD but won't marry her at this point
  3. Hang on to those MD's my friend. After all these years of Ipod madness, they still don't sound as good and its still about the sound isn't it?
  4. I have several older portable MD players with bad headphone jacks that I keep around hoping I'll find the time to try to fix
  5. I've been looking for them as well. Do they ship to the US?
  6. it is indeed a wonder but a bit fragile. Be kind to it and good luck, welcome
  7. Keep in mind that many people still use cassettes and even buy new prerecorded ones in countries outside the US and western Europe
  8. I have 5 MD units and one HiMD unit and I think I'm good for now..finally. I have bought an sold a few to get to this point and now have the ones I want, though i may swing for a pro deck in great shape if one comes along cheap. Now the quest is on for a stock of discs. I use gold sony discs for album transfers, except for clear discs which I use for Motown stuff ( I have a lot of these). I use colored discs for various artists comps and blue HiMd discs for data. Can I have enough, don't know. I'm so far from having all my Cd's let alone Lps transfered, its hard to say
  9. Never thought to try to play podcasts through Qt. I did always wish there was a better program for Mac to store and play music, but haven't found one yet
  10. I discovered awhile back how much room ITunes uses, but have a bunch of stuff still on there as well as my kids libraries. I guess I don't have your gumption, balls, whatever. I still use my i-Touch for laying around on the couch etc but what I don't do any longer is listen through the ITunes program while I'm on the Mac. I listen to MD's on my trusty MZ-1 and also use it record stuff off the computer and I use my RZ-1 for back up data storage. My next big project is recording Lp's to MD. This will take eons, maybe my practical lifetime, but hey...
  11. I figure this will change with some time. People who jump in now will give up and go IPod when they cant get all the latest comforts (and crap sound) they desire. Patience, as usual, will provide
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