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  1. Hello Guys, thanks for your answers. Grenert, my files are coming from audio CDs that i've put in sonic stage in atrac format. Obviousely, even if i've created them in atrac64 bits, Sonic stage seems to need this convertion phase even if the file is already in the right format. And i'm at the same stage than you for, ST hang up just before burning the CD. For Sonic stage 3.4, i can find any more the install files. Is it worth to come back to this version regarding version 4.3 ?? How ever has the ATRAC files i'm trying to put on my CD are coming from personal audio CD, i see on the properties of each files that i've got an illimited number of time the rights to transfert them to an Atrac CD. More over, i've tried with a new audio CD that ST did not know about it (so the transfert count was 0 for all theses files) but unfortunately, ST refuses to put this album on my atrac cd telling me that i've got no more the rights to transfert it (even if it was the first time i tried !!!!) Any way i'm going to try the reset of the library and go for that www.atraclife.com and we'll see. Thanks guys, Olwefin
  2. Hello all, i've checked on the forum but i've not found any ansezr to my problem. Using Sonic stage 4.3, i'm trying to create an atrac cd with multiple music album on it but i'm facing several problems: 1) when trying to create the atrac CD in "one shot", meaning that i'm trying to put on it several albums on it in one shot, Sonic stage start the transfer by converting all atrac files to Atrac 64 bits files. After this translation, Sonic Stage seems to be stuck and doesn't create the cd. I've left the program run the whole night but in the morning it was at the same stage than at the begining of the night. Is anyone have an idea about this ?? 2) I've tried to create the same CD but putting each album one after each other creting atrac CD (on the same CD of course) for each album. The problem is that when i try to put on the forth album, Sonic Stage tells me that i've got no more authorization to transfer the file ( looking at this file, it's told to be atrac cd transfert illimited). Again, is anyone have an idea about how to solve this problem? Thanks and best regards Olwefin
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