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battery dies before TOC finished! Rescue tracks ??

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G'day Mates!

i do sound recordings with microphone and sony MZ-NH700. At one recording the battery dies before the player could finish the TOC writing. After that, the whole HI-MD disc could not read and played anymore ("CANNOT RECORD OR PLAY"). The player prompted "WRITE AUDIO FILE?" and i confirmed.

How do i get this file ? with simple explorer access i cannot find any special file, and Sonicstage (and the player as well) shows no track in the listing, but my SHARP portable MD-player lists two tracks on this disc (the first track is a beep, the second is not playable as it is no HI-MD Player).

Is it possible to grab the content of a disc anyhow (raw read..) ? or is there a way to modify the TOC manually, that maybe the whole disc is allocated by one track ? Maybe you've a docu about the "WRITE AUDIO FILE" functionality ?

well guys, please help me. Thanx much !


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well based on my lil knowledge of minidisc.. i think somewhere in the the manuals state that you should always attempt to do recordings using batterys holding sufficient power or while the unit is connected to the adaptor.

now if during the TOC Editing the battery dies then altho the recording was done and the data was wiritten to the disc the finalizing procedure wasn't completed so it's almost impossible to retrieve the contents especially as the unit didn't get to save it..

i don't think there's a known way to modify the TOC well not that any consumer would know it.

one more thing.. although you tried the disc in a non HI MD unit and you probably got some gibberish i doubt that would count as anything useful..

but i do advise you keep searching for a solution and you'd get better responses if you posted your quary in the under HI MD instead of Net MD/MDLP forum

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thank you.

of course, this query suites better in the HiMD-forum.

I got a reply from SONY:

"In response to your enquiry, the audio on your disc will not be recoverable as there is no way to retrieve a raw audio stream; however the disc may be salvagable if you reformat it."

but i reckon, there is a way, since my disc isn't really dead. I just have not the right tools.


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Problem is, since the battery died during writing the TOC, the TOC has been trashed. That simply means, that the information, which sector of the disc belongs to which frame and time of the recording is lost. Even start and end of the big .hma file is unknown. Therefore I conclude, that Sony is correct in the assumption, that the contents of the disc are unrecoverable.

To use the disc again, Menu --> Edit --> Format --> confirm with [ |> ENT].

Oh, and the 2 standard MD-tracks you see have a reason. The beep ensures, that you don't think, your recorder is dead, the second track simulates a full disk, so that most standard recorders refuse to record, preventing the disc from being accidentially overwritten. However, that one might be useless with recorders from the 'End Search'-button era...

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