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A pre-amplified microphone is one that will have it's own power supply, and it's own pre-amplifier all built in. The output of such a microphone should be line level, which is the industry standard for all audio devices.

With a pre-amplified microphone you could plug the output into the cd, aux, or tape jacks of your home stereo and hear yourself sing over the speakers smile.gif

I have a bit of a problem with these devices, as they are hard to find, and the ones that are out there do not have a gain control to adjust the clipping level of the mic. Gain is the amount the pre-amp actually boosts the mic signal by. It should be adjustable, preferably with a knob that gives more infinite control. Zero or unity gain (as it's commonly called) does not amplifiy the mic signal at all. This can be a great setting for a very loud recording environment.

Clipping occurs when the microphone signal is too high for the level of the pre-amp. This results in a very nasty sounding distortion. Turn the gain all the way up and shout into the microphone. It will clip instantly.

So knowing where to place your microphone, knowing how much gain to set the pre-amp to, and monitoring the levels are the three components required to make a great sounding recording.

It's easy and fun, I encourage you to record as many different things as you can.

Good luck

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thanks a lot.

I am more interested in finding a microphone to record lectures for school. I saw the electret sony microphones which are stereo. They didn't have a amp built in. I wondered what the difference was.

If i want to record lectures which type of microphone should I buy. I am more interested in hear what was said rather than the quality of the sound.


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