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wav conversion tool.

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Has anyone encountered errors when converting multiple tracks with the wav conversion tool.

I have found 4-5 tracks out of 30 being converted from a 80 min disk in HI-SP format fail to fully convert and stall the conversion tool. Attempts to then convert a single track fail at 99% typically - leaving an almost converted track in wav format with the end clipped off.

This was with sonic stage 2.2 doing the initial transfer.

The first time this happened a reboot seemed to fix it.

Subsequently rebooting has not worked. Nor has repeating the transfer.

Neither has reinstalling the conversion tool.

Intermittent and frustrating.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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i know sony;s states it wont convert files recorded from the optical input.. will marcnets?

Yes. HiMDRenderer will convert any track that is valid in your own SS library. [i.e. copying a OMG track from elsewhere, which won't be playable in SS, won't work]

Does SS still have the bug where the upload fails causing you to lose the recording? Or has that been fixed in 2.3?

The HiMD module was updated in 2.3. Look in the "Essential HiMD info" subforum for more info.

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