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Can you please let me use the same registration name that I currently have over at MDCF? I was hoping to be able to continue to use Weaves. However, the registration process tells me this name is already taken.


Now Own: MZ-N707; NW-E507, and NW-HD5

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No problem, sound like your hands are full these days (with new gear, like myself ). Anyway, I just wanted to describe in detail what I think I should be able to do:

1) I figured that the MDCF and ATRAC Life forums were using the same database for users. Therefore, I should be able to continue using my MDCF user name (Weaves) over here. False=I could NOT log in over here using the same user name and password as MDCF.

2) So then I assumed the two were not related, so I would simply create a new user name over here that is the same as MCDF. False= When I go to create my registration over here, it seems to validate against MDCF and tells me the name is already in use.

I think I should be able to use the same name in both places, correct? However, per #1 and #2. I can't create the user name of Weaves over here. I was hoping to avoid having to create a Weaves1, etc.



Now proud owner of MZ-N707, HD5 (Black), NW-E507 (Silver Bullet, with homemade lanyard).

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