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Buying A Md

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General question to all. I live in the Cayman Islands and am looking to buy an MZ NH1, online seems to be my only option at this time. Some retailers won't ship out of the friggin US, others want a copy of my passport, NFW, even the esteemed Minidisco who send me offers a couple of times a month, wants more info then I want to give. My card number and address shold be more than enough info.

Has anyone bought an MZ NH1 without a lot of hassle, and where did you buy it. Thee is more to this world than the US of A, hopefully there is someone who wans my money,



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I think the issue is the possibility of fraud. Not that they are accusing you of such, it's just that those small areas have a higher potential of doing such activities. This is not anything new to you, I imagine. What's it like when you shop at other e-tailers?

The only real trouble I have seems to be with the bigger Amerikan outlets. I could not get a serial cable for my Palm Pilot fron the States because it was considered a security issue. I regularly buy items from all over the world, mostly Canada and Australia, but generally all over, usually no problem, most companies if there is an issue will phone or e-mail.

There is no way I am faxing, or sending a scanned copy of my passport. If I have to I'll check for one on my next visit to Cuba, something I can do.

Surely there must be an etaler out there who wants my money, and is reasonable about getting it.


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