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Pls Set Up A Faq Forum For Asking Question

Guest tony wong

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Guest tony wong

it will make the forum more neatly

that is, pure discussion topic put on individual forum(e.g. Hi-MD...)

but tiny little question put on the FAQ(or whatever name u can think of)

these tiny little question require much less attention to general members but also require fast replying as the one who ask these kind of question may seem to be in a rush

(e.g. my Hi-MD unit don't recognise any disc, it just say "read error", what can I do?)

well, anyway, u can still move "topic deserve more depth discussion" into appropriate forum afterwards

and, another suggestion

after u guys move the topics, can u leave no footprint but instead send a pm to the member who issue the topic?

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Guest tony wong

but what I am talking about is not only about Hi-MD

it's about all 1 min question about all MD/Hi-MD question


what is ATRAC and ATRAC3?

is it somehow the same as ATRAC3plus?

the forum cannot block the member on asking these kind of question

instead usually member or moderators will just ask them to find the info in the minidisc.org

that's not a smart action

new member will try to issue this sort of post once they ever register into this forum

opening a seperate forum for them to ask begin level question can make the other forum like Hi-MD more clean

I can say, most older members may not want to see this sort of post appearing everyday on the forum

someone like u may want more in-depth discussion on the technology or whatsoever

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Guest tony wong


These already exist, and we do direct people to them on a regular basis.

I do agree about centralising the board's FAQs though.

not the FAQ, I mean the FAQ kind question

no matter what they will appear everyday if everyday there will be a new member

like me, I do also ask a lot of begin level question when I first come to this forum

u just can't request who think MD/Hi-MD as leisure to spend a few hours a day to look at all these long articles to understand what is MD and Hi-MD

u just can't ask too much from them

if they can't get enough info, they go and find the sales

wow.....u know what will be the result cool.gif

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Guest tony wong

People are going to post questions in the wrong forum until the end of time. Rather than createa seperate sub-forum that they'd ignore, we will point people to an existing resource.

this is not the same

people can ask the same question(entry level) again and again and again and again

it will be quite confusing these posts(repeating posts/questions) put together with other topics

especially when moderating the forum

and also especially when u r viewing the thread and also moderating the board, u will forget who u r

(e.g. take that SS 3.0 Nero crash for example, it should be in software forum, but dex as a moderator and user, concentrating on answer the problem/question, never quite alert this is off topic)

and, the concept is different from paid support

he pays nothing so he will get no guaranteed

it is done on a user-to-user help basic

the forum will not declare the registered member must reply with 100% correct answer

but each member and moderators will just try his best to give him the best answer they have

anyway, it's just a concept

the implementation can be a few different ways

the main concept is : seperate the everyday beginner level question from each forum to one or a few FAQ forums

then, the member can choose read interesting topics or just boring routine entry level questions

and, anyway, it's just suggestion laugh.gif

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people could just learn to use the search or google search function too.


i often think that many msg board users [not just here] have become used to mods & helpful types answering their questions when two minutes with google or an internal search engine would answer any question plus more. search facilities are your friends.


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Centralizing the FAQ's will occur after I do galleries, live recording archive, etc. We're running at a good pace at the moment, so it's a little on the backburner [but not completely neglected].

Additionally, as atrain stated, the search engine here is an extremely powerful, yet often overlooked device. I would also suggest the custom MDCF google search, with the ability to search minidisc.org seperately, the forums, or the web.


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