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  1. it could i guess, if some one wants to write a plugin. i was thinking more about moving away from sonicstage & atrac. something i'd prefer not to do but is being forced slowly on us by the market - unless you're the guy who likes to stockpile older units for fun.
  2. i also use the icon view in view albums sort by artist mode. sonicstage is probably the best by album rather than by song jukebox i've ever used. i guess i'm waiting to see how songbird turns out, i like the user extensions idea. http://www.songbirdnest.com
  3. it works as a usb hard drive on a mac but you need sonicstage to transfer files.
  4. i lurk a bit. haven't been to the yellow side for about a year.
  5. awesome. i'm pining after some jordan IVs at the moment to go with the rest of my early 90's shoe collection [air flights, air force ones, air assaults reebok pumps etc.]
  6. it took me 6 hours to download & install 4.3 from the sony asia pacific site a couple of months ago. i thought it was just a random thing. anyone else?
  7. impressive work to get all that in the altoids tin i use this for the same purpose
  8. don't like the website at all but i can't stand flash nor sites the open new windows at maximum size. not to mention the sound off toggle didn't stop the sound...
  9. i'm running vista64 home premium with sonicstage & a vaio pocket with no problems at all.
  10. asus mw221u http://www.engadget.com/2006/10/05/asus-jo...ith-the-mw221u/
  11. it's a pretty common failing on the n1, do a search it'll either be mechanical or the ribbon cable disconnecting
  12. atrain

    Headphone amp?

    no not really unless you have demanding phones, certainly not with the ones in your sig. don't get me wrong it's always fun to buy something new but i don't think it'll add much at all to your musical enjoyment
  13. atrain

    Headphone amp?

    do you want for portable applications? or for home use? what type of headphones? what source? i have an AT-HA20 audiotechnica amp that i use pretty much as a direct amp from a turntable. i've also used it to boost my laptop audio output on shitty speakers when travelling.
  14. mental slip, was 'sposed to say ISN'T
  15. i tried fiesty fawn on two computers but the lack of linux drivers for my wireless cards meant it was useless to me. pity i like the Kubuntu variant a lot. i went out & bought vista64 home premium for one & then reinstalled xp pro for the other. pity but the wireless is more important than the lack of 64 drivers for vista - i just use one of the xp pcs for a print server/emule btw i tried the ubuntu forums & the manufacturer's site but there's no linux driver for the chipsets at all
  16. a cd a girl i know made. her name is hazel brown, she's pretty awesome in that girl with a guitar way http://www.triplejunearthed.com/artists/Vi...x?artistid=1234 http://www.hazelbrownmusic.com/
  17. i saw "science of sleep" last night. it was whimsical & awesome but very gondry - if you like logical movies &/or movies with well defined plots this probably is for you http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0354899/
  18. don't think it's that shocking. in very poor taste sure but not much beyond serving roasted goat. it was all tricked up, the offal precooked then placed inside the carcass. tacky.
  19. vista home premium 64 a cheap 2.5 external case a moleskin
  20. just bought a 2nd hand shuttle running a P4 2.8 & 1g ram wacked an old ati 9200 with a heat sink not a fan & a wi-fi card. right now i'm battling ubuntu & losing, the new 7.0.4 does not like wifi cards in general, the realtek8108's even less.
  21. ER-CK5 Silicone Earplugs (most brands inner earphones) us$7 +postage for 6 tips of the same size! they fit the sony ones. http://bluetin.com
  22. for future refs mate http://xe.com is your friend in currency conversion
  23. hey cats, i'm a little pissed off as i've got a busted up right hand. on the other hand [!] i've been surfing & enjoying the sun for the past 5 weeks.
  24. atrain

    Sony NW-S205F

    i think this thread has served it's purpose. please continue this at atraclife, the link is in stuge's post.
  25. excellent summation A440, take the advice & go with one of the himd options soul&funk if you are pc based you won't look back.
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