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Simple Burner 2 Not Getting Track Names

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I'm having a problem with Simple Burner 2. It's not retrieving the track names for CDs from the Internet. Sometimes I get a popup window that say "Unknown CD". I am asked if I want to rip the tracks with no names (or enter them myself in the interface) or begin CDDB registration. Clicking the Registration does nothing except refresh the (unknown) track names. It does this with all of the commercial CD's I've thus far tried. I'd think the Register button should do something but it doesn't seem to. Help?

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Simple Burner 2 ... (is) not retrieving the track names for CDs from the Internet

... begin CDDB registration...  Clicking the Registration does nothing

Hi, I just had the same problem and found

this solution on a Sony forum:

"Go to Explorer and do a seach for CDDB. You will find two files under the following two and/or three subdirectories-

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\AVLib


C:\Program Files\Sony\Sonic Stage Simpe Burner






Rename the ones under the Sony subdirectory(ies) to end in "old" instead of "DLL" .

Copy the ones in the Windows\System32 subdirectory and paste them to the two Sony Subdirectories.

Open Simple Burner...poof!"

Worked for me


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No firewall in place except for XP's default firewall. I checked with SonicStage itself, same thing; when I insert a CD, it pops up a dialog telling me I need to register with CDDB; I click Yes, and nothing happens. Seems there's some bug somewhere - advice please?

XP's default firewall can be a problem. It was a problem on my PC, at least. I had to turn it off to get past the Registration stage. After that, I could turn it back on and everything worked fine.

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