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  1. That's a good recommendation! Beatifull music, although the mastering engineer did a really, really bad job here. Clipping all over the place.
  2. freedb works fine, I use it when I rip a CD with EAC. So far, I've ripped about 2 or 3 CD's that were tagged incorrectly.
  3. foobar2000 does the trick as well and it supports almost all formats. It is an amazing player as well (plus it is a tagger/cd-burner/dsp engine/etc). It needs some getting used to, however.
  4. As long as Wine does not support USB communication this is impossible, unfortunately. But, I think it is more likely that Sonicstage or Simpleburner will run under a future Wine version, than that a Linux version of Sonicstage is released by sony.
  5. "Life is extremely dangerous. You'll never get through it alive" - me
  6. With EAC and a "forgiving" CD-ROM/DVD drive you can rip almost every copy protected CD. So, if Simpleburner ever fails try EAC. I have only one CD in my collection that I can't rip, out of the early days of copy protection (the infamous Sony protection that may actually hang your PC).
  7. I think you're listening to the wrong albums, then
  8. I know, but I've heard that, since files could not be larger than 4 GB anyway, it was decided to not change the 32-bit file size parameter. Could be wrong information, though. Ah thanks, I was looking for that.
  9. Are you sure HiMDrenderer doesn't decode to WAV first? It probably uses flac.exe which expects WAV files as input. By the way, I've heard a special WAV header extension exists that allows for files > 4 GB. Historically, the limit was set to 4 GB, because that's the greatest file size the FAT32 file system supports. As soon as the WAV header is altered to allow for larger files, it is no longer "standard", so I don't think himdrenderer writes it or flac.exe reads it.
  10. An ancient place called "CD store"
  11. Briljant album! I wonder what the guys come up with for the next album, I've heard they're recording right now (?). Anyway, I've just refreshed the contents of my flash player (not a MD, but technically speaking the output - music - is the same ) Most of the albums are encoded using Lame --alt-preset standard (vbr). Bright Eyes - I'm wide awake it's morning Coparck - Few chances come once in a lifetime Elliott Smith - Figure 8 Elliott Smith - XO Maria Taylor - 11:11 Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright Millionaire - Paradisiac Moondog jr - Everyday I wear a greasy black feather on my hat Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - No more shall we part Sexsmith & Kerr - Destination unknown Ryan Adams - Cold Roses Sufjan Stevens - Illinois Zita Swoon - Life = a sexy sanctuary If you like one or more of these albums you definitely have to check some others from the list. They're all really good.
  12. Great! The idea is a bit like audioscrobbler. But I think this is more fun
  13. Good question. I did some searching, but couldn't find anything that meets your demands. When I was searching for a new card, I searched for one I could make recordings with and had an optical out for my Minidisc recorder, so the E-MU 0404 was exactly right for me. EDIT: I found the Xitel MD-PORT on Ebay, for only $9,95. Not sure if shipping to the Netherlands is possible, though.
  14. That is true for most bands, I think. Only the Marquee (tent) at Werchter has a club feeling to it. Festivals are especially nice to see many "large" bands you normally wouldn't by a ticket for. One major exception: Radiohead at that festival two years ago (best concert I've ever seen). Luckily, the Werchter festival always has a number of fine less famous bands playing in the Marquee. Some of my finest musical moments were in the Marquee This year I saw there Elvis Costello, Tom McRae, Interpol and the Belgian Heroes Zita Swoon and Admiral Freebee, for example. Hehe, me too, but I decided that Werchter >> Thesis.
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