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Moving (not Copying) Music Between Computers

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I couldn't find any thing on this in the archives. I know SS won't allow COPY between two computers but what I want to do is MOVE my music library from a Desktop to a Laptop without having to re-create the whole thing over again.

I've got about 500 CD's in ATRAC3 (256K) on one library.

Can I do a backup and then restore it on to the laptop. I'm not bothered about any existing libraries on the laptop as I don't have any.

Is there any other way of getting the CD's (paid for legally by me and not copy protected AFAIK) on to the laptop without having to import all 500 of them.

I'm sure there must be loads of people who have a laptop and a desktop and would like to use their music while travelling with the laptop.

Is there another way for example EXPORT a library from one machine to another --this would still preserve DRM by only allowing 1 machine to be used.

What happens if you decide to UPGRADE to a newer machine --surely you don't have to re-create your library all over again.

Help appreciated



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