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    How About Psp?

    i got one.....and, i would like to say this one word comment about it WOW i am in love, this thing is definetly better than the DS IMO, ridge racers is a very sharp game, and so are the other titles i tried, the UMD's are pretty nice, i wish sony would liscense it out soon, this is a very sharp looking device, i have to say, sony has got video games cut out for them, its one of the things they can do right
  2. mutant1345

    How About Psp?

    i am getting mine on thursday after having a mix up with the day of release, i am getting ridge racers with it, i saw the graphics for that game and they look amazing,, so i hope this thing is worth it, i do see myself usng it to watch movies but not if they are over priced, i wont pay more than 25 dolllars for a video, maybe not even since its in a proprietary format, i was really hoping that sony would release a way to download movies through a website made by them and burn them to UMD or something but since they arent a consumer wrtable format thats out of the question
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    im getting one tomorow, and the analog is stil there, the new one has more opions that the prototype, at leaste from what ive investigated with
  4. Use the sonic ctage backup tool, located with sonic stage in your start menue, this will make an exact copy of what you have, and restore it where you want it, but after this you will have some restrictions on your music, but this is the only way sonic stage will alow you to move your music
  5. no and there probably wont be...
  6. i just saw SAW i have to say that is one of the best movies ive ever seen, kind of hard to follow story line though
  7. \it looks like you might have picked a bad time to join allofmp3.com http://news.com.com/MP3s+for+pennies+Russi..._3-5586034.html
  8. hi, havent been wandering around these forums much latley but i too have been braught to the darkside of hdd players im not exactly saying goodbye to my hi-md, but its not being used any more for my main listening pleasures, more for its other functions thinking about getting one of the second gen hi mds though so --goodbye nh-600d-- --hello gen2 dell dj 20 -- so far ive been quite happy with this unit, works very well
  9. Hate to break it to ya, but from my expieriance, any shut down of power when writing to the disc, will cause it to not finish writing the TOC meaning your recordings are usualy trashed,, so the chances of your recording being saved at this point are very low sry
  10. indeed it is quite interesting to see i too wish the pictures were btter quality aswell, but then again these are comming from how many millions of miles away? another neat thing about tchnology....
  11. not quite sure where i wanna go but im thinking of a place to go in a month or two, but, i need some ideas, probly wanna check out some hystorical sites with a haunted backround ie. a haunted castle of ireland, of course my interests are not in ireland at this point of time.....
  12. hello and welcome to the mdcf the 800 is a good mid range model, its not quite higher class but not the lowest either havnt heard much of its eas of use, i would believe it to be tollerably user freindly and as for sonic stage and simple burner yes and yes, those are the only software that burn to hi-md hope this helps ya out
  13. well, if this issue is aswell on even higher end models that makes me less prone to getting another hi-md and as for sending it to sony i would most likely have to pay a certain fee and ship it out aswell i believe, im wondering if this pay is worth it...and i dont have a sony store ANYWHERES near by i like hi-md a lot but i cant deal with music just up an quiting on me ill try a few different things but im thinking about savin for something new....
  14. ok i tryed the ruber band thing and for a while it seemed to work but my hopes were crushed when it hppend again quite obnoxious really now im debating between getting another one if i cant fix it.... or trying a hard drive player... any other suggestions? thanx for the help so far btw
  15. thank you for the reply but hpwever, i have tried playback with a full battery and i also have tried with a different minidisc, the problem occures the same the sensor for detecting the lid being closed is omething worth thinking about however i have noticed that the lid is a little wiggely, is there any ways to tighten this lid? i have also cleaned the discs, and am wondering if a laser cleaner would be a good idea well if anything, in the case i cant fix it i will prbly replace it with another protable music player but i feel this is a fixable issue.....
  16. but mp3 is a lot more convenient and a lot easier to deal with for some
  17. hello, i have had a problem for the past week or so, and i may have posted on it already, i dont quite remember i have an nh600d and for the past week + i have been expieriancing, my player coming to an abrubt STOP in the middle of playing back songs usualy i am walking when it happens, and the player seems to lose its place and does one of two things about a minute after cutting me off from listening 1: displays a can not read or write error message and turns it self off, then reads fine after turning it back on or 2: returns to the begining of the disc, like i just started it up after taking the disc out! as you might know it is most annoying to be enjoying your music then have it cut off, and have to restart the song again or fast forward to the olace you were at if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this or if it is something to do with the player please hlp me, it is really Pissing me off, i dont want to throw my player at the wall thancks in advance
  18. i know it may not do much, but i am wondering if defraging the disc, would make anything unreadable, i went to defrag my hard drive and decided to analyse the disc and saw it was pretty much JUST fragmented files, which is iunderstandable completely but yes, please any info on if i would run any risk of making the disk unreadable by the player or sonic stage Thank you-
  19. maybe the write protection was already put to on and ya didnt know it
  20. OK, transfering back, is not mean, putting music from yer MD to yer HD, its a fancy way of SS saying delete everything on yer HI-MD Transfering back to SS = Deleting yer music not transfering back to your HD its a stupid thing that sony has, if the music is not on yer pc transfer back will not put there, this is part of the drm, to prevent people from copying from hi-md to another computer sorry you fell for that missunderstanding, yes you must rebuild, make sure to use the SS backup tool, and update it frequintley, to help prevent this from happening again
  21. reformat is under... MENU>>OPTION>>DISCMODE>>HI-MD[select this to format]
  22. formatthe disc through windows, and make sure that sonic stage isnt open when you try to do so, or windows will not see anything in the device also try to unplug the unit and take out the battery, then put the battery back in reboot your pc and hook the usb back up, also, make sure that next time you are writing discs, try not to have other applications running at the same time, or be using other application, ususaly this helps to avoid crashing, as for recovering your music that was lost during the crash you may be out of luck this happend to me once and i ended up replacing my music on the disc, it sucks but thats the way it is.... good luck
  23. Well come on then, dont leave us in the dark, tell us what it is, lol.... or do you want it to be a surprise? if so, when will we be surprised
  24. i wouldnt say its FAR better but definetly better,, most would choose lp2 over it, for quality, but some may be able to give up some quality for more space, you could always download SS2.3 from www.connect.com and see how it sounds yourself.....everyone has there own oppinion
  25. thenk you And a Happy New Year to you too and everyone else in the forums cant wait to see what MD has for us this year my blessings to the missfortunite that have passed aswell, truely a sad incedent....
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