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I Have A Dream...

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As i read the Firmware entrance mode for my MZ-NH600 (3+3mW European version), i tried it out immidiately with the hope it can increas the output power... ive set the Volume to "xxxSFF" but there is no great difference...

Anyway, seems this is cos of the hardware... whatever...

Well, if i use my MDS-JE 500 or 520 and record a MD in MONO-MODE, my MZ-NH600 still can play any music recorded in MONO... therefore the hardware of course also can play MONO-PCM (or even ATRAC3plus or anything else in MONO)...

and thats why i am waiting for any FIRMWARE or SonicStage HACK, so that i can upload my MONO-WAV-Files directly to my Hi-MD unit (without converting those to STEREO first as SS does that automatically).

Whats the profit of this ? ==> I WANT 188 Minutes of playback ! I want to double the playtime capacity as its possible on the old good MD-system.

Now please dont ever dare to tell me its impossible, cos i know very very exactly it is possible...

if something can play STEREO, of course it can also play MONO... MONO is a part of STEREO (not opposite), therefore MONO-playback does not need more power for playback, MONO will just use less power for playback, and its always like that...

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I used to work regularly with a classical music record producer who had no sense of mono vs stereo - even though he was a superb musician, had an otherwise golden ear, and was a top expert in various aspects of linguistics and musicology. Seems to me that some people are "stereo blind" like others are "colour blind" .

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