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  1. One thing that bothers me about using the WMA Lossless > Atrac conversion is that it does not retain gapless playback. (I haven't tried this on 3.4 though just 3.2) edit: sorry missed greenshank's post. The way I convert into atrac (and will until there is a easier way) is to burn my Flac files with Nero into an Image file (with the 2 second gap removed) then mount the file using Nero Image drive and import using SoncStage. This method takes a little longer but so far is the best way I have found to do the conversion. Also I only rip with EAC, even to rip with EAC then make an image file of those files I just ripped to import into SonicStage. It does sound much better and is more consistent. Greenshank metiones that importing WAV files into SS then converting retains the gaplessness. This wasn't the case when I tested in 3.2. Anyhow it's a pain to delete certain files out of SS and by making an Image and importing I can make use of CDDB which saves a bunch of time. I wish that Sony would support FLAC and conversion to Atrac retaining gapless playback. Anyhow that's my $.02
  2. You get the UUUUUU if the mp3's aren't tagged.
  3. Here in Utah I am currently getting 4mbit/down (sometimes faster) and about 1mbit/up with no limit. It costs about $40/month from Comcast. Supposedly they are going to make the download 6mbit here in the next few months.
  4. This works on my HD1! It is a nifty little program. A couple of things I have noticed is that if you just drag the mp3's over it will put them in the nearest folder. For organizational purposes I would recommend dragging over the mp3 in folders. I also wish there was id3 tagging support in the software. Anyway thanks for the program and info.
  5. With EAC and shift key I have been able to copy every and all cd's I have tried. With EAC it will only copy the actual audio leaving all data behind. The shift key disables auto start up of the cd inserted (windows) so the drm software has no chance of running. The thing that scares me is the intel chip enabled DRM but I have faith that hackers will overcome the restrictions.
  6. Any single files imported into SonicStage will not be 100% gapless. Even lossless files. I tested WMA Lossless and even though it played in sonicstage gapless when I converted and exported to MD it wasn't gapless. I even tested importing into PCM from a cd then converting to atrac and transferring and it stil wasn't gapless. This was on 2.3 so I don't know if they have fixed this in 3.1. I too have tons of Flac files and the way that I import them is to burn a gapless nero image file (using the flac plugin) then mount the image file and import into SonicStage. I know it's an extra step but having the files in the image format it will be able to CDDB when you import. *edit* If you don't want to keep the atrac files on your computer you can you Simple Burner.
  7. I found a place to download the newest BeatJam software but I can't see anywhere that it supports mac. Although a lot could be lost in the translating. BeatJam
  8. These are starting to show up on eBay. Sony NW-HD5
  9. The tape adapter head is probably not getting a good connection with the stereos head. I suggest getting something like this: Aiwa CDC-X304 w/AUX Input
  10. Sony's Vegas does multitrack and they have a 30 day full feature demo. http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.com/down...ep2.asp?DID=583 Does not include encoding to third party plugins or codecs. If you are saving as wav shouldn't be a problem for you.
  11. Just use Hi-Sp it will sound a lot better and you get 8 hours. Mono has absolutely no seperation. Sounds like poo to me.
  12. allofmp3.com and yes, it is legal.....for now.
  13. Yes, you can rip PCM into SonicStage.
  14. I love my Hd1. Nice solid construction, great sound, and the thing is small! Doesn't come standard with mp3 support and (here in the us) upgrade is only available until August. I don't really use mp3's that much but it is nice to have every once and awhile (mine does have the upgrade). I wish they would come out with a NW with a bigger HDD like 40GB or so. Right now my SonicStage Library is 50GB and growing everyday.
  15. Sony's new line of Flash players are starting to be available at: SonyStyle.com Kind of pricy but excellent battery life & nice Oled screen.
  16. Found this out at http://www.core-sound.com/mics.html RECORDING AND CARE TIPS When recording loud sound sources with your CSB microphones we recommend using your recorder's low sensitivity (-20 dB) setting. When recording exteremly very loud sound sources, either use an external attenuator cable (available from Core Sound) or use your recorder's line level inputs. To prolong battery life, disconnect the microphones from the battery box when not in use. Avoid installations that would abrade or cut the cable. Do not clip the microphones to their cable and do not severely bend the cables at the points where they enter the microphone cartridge shells. The cable can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  17. I'm not a pro at taping but if you have a Batt Box souldn't you use the line in instead of the mic in?
  18. The only way I know of to Clone a Standard Md is using this machine: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Denon_DN-045R.html
  19. No, only Hi-Md formatted discs will show up under Windows Explorer.
  20. I just Froogled nh900 and it seems there are still places that carry it. http://www.wholesaleconnection.com/product...ct=3144&refer=1
  21. You mean like this? http://www.minidisco.com/ob-5010black.html
  22. If you just set up SonicStage on one of your pc's you can transfer songs imported into it to different Hi-Md's AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! You cannot however Transfer songs from the Md to a different computer or even transfer songs from pc to pc (unless you use the backup tool).
  23. I have a SCMS stripper that I no longer use. It is a Friend Chip D 4-2 Copy Con. It's in Perfect Condition! It has 1x Optical In, 3x Coax In, 1x Optical Out, 1x Coax Out. It will completely strip SCMS and also will pass track marks from CD. Anyway I am willing to sell this just PM me and make an offer. I do not have a power supply for it though. It requires a 6V/500mA Input. EDIT: Information Picture of back
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