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Microphones Hum Unless They're Touching My Body

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I'm trying to record quiet music (playing silver flute) and I have to twist the recorder and/or mics to try to quiet an annoying hum. It works best with the mics touching my skin, but that is too loud to record properly. Is there a way to kill the hum without touching me so I could record from, say, across the room?



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I noticed this hum with two different sony recorders and two different mics, one powered and one not, most recently with a sony 707 recorder and a tiny condenser mic on a 3' cord, I'm guessing it's some kind of grounding issue. It's not the recorder operating. There is a soft but audible hum unless the mic is near my skin, and I also get a slightly louder hum through the microphone if the recorder is plugged into the sony 3v adaptor. The hum comes and goes, but if the mics touch me, the hum drops away entirely. I notice it more in my computer room, even if I completely shut down all the electrical devices in the room.

Maybe some kind of grounding issue. Anyone know?

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The AC adaptor is known to introduce hum. Battery life is so good on MD recorders that even one fresh generic AA battery should get you through a few hours of recording, so skip the adaptor.

I never noticed a hum on my MZ-N707, but I didn't record a lot of acoustic music on it. What kind of mics are you using?

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