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A future for its players? Does Sony want a future

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Guest Stuge

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yup i agree....

by meaning of dead i mean there will be a really small number of purchases and sony will have to just give up...that`s all..

that`s what they did to md. Sony`s HD players cant be profitable since:

- the price is too high for the market

- huge problems with software

- the hardware is not up to date(ie no color screen, no jog wheel(which should have been done A LONG time ago))

- really strong limitations to the mp3 transfer

those are the major one`s that can be improoved by spending less money on design and more money on the functions and software of HD players.

a bit offtop: is there a dedicated volume buttons on new units? i dont seem to find any on pictures - NOW THAT IS A BIG mistake.

I don`t agree with u at all .There a lots of Bugs in I-pods & other player as well For Eg .Very Pooor Battery life,Scratchable unit (u want ur unit to look dull in one or two week only),Only supports mp3 ,wma etc (as we already know that atrac codec is better than both of these).U r thinking that sony is dead thats not right at all .But i agree about the price.As sonic stage was fixed , sony will also fix connect software in near future.

Note :As this topic was creating a lot of fuss over there i have made a new topic

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There a lots of Bugs in I-pods & other player as well For Eg .Very Pooor Battery life,

Yes, out of the box, it seems that Sony hardware is fine. The problem is the software (sonicstage). However, other manufactures provide firmware upgrades/fixes more frequently than Sony ever will. eg. Creative fixed their Zen Micros battery drain via firmware upgrade. Of course, on the other side, there is the not-going-to-be-fixed-ever Lame --aps bug with iPods.

Scratchable unit (u want ur unit to look dull in one or two  week only),
Screen protectors. Invisible shield. :) Anyway, the trend seems to go to glossy surfaces, which is prone to scratches/smudges. Eg. Sony E4xx/5xx network walkmans, RH10, NW-Axxxx. I missed the time when high end units had brushed metal surfaces.

Only supports mp3 ,wma etc (as we already know that atrac codec is better than both of these).

Atrac doesn't even have VBR mode. Lame MP3 has improved significantly throughout the years, while improvements in Atrac are not known. Even WMA has VBR and lossless. Sure, Atrac also has lossless now, but it is useless with current devices.

Hardware wise, Sony is doing fine. Many people like the HD1/3/5, and various Sony network walkmans. Even CNet likes the HD5. The biggest turnoff is the software (sonicstage). We have high hopes with the new connect software, but it seems to be a let down. Hopefully Sony can put more effort in improving stability, put unicode support, and bring compatibility with all previous Sony devices.

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The fact they provide so quickly a first update for connect player on the euro site gives hope though. Now could they just upgrade HD5/NW4xx and PSP to work with Connect player, it would be great, and give a chance to sonic stage to be unicode, if it is the only way to use our good old Hi-Md players/recorders friends...

When they will merge the two programs in one, compatible with all devices, I think they will have made a great step.

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It is true, I would want to see the new players with a metal case instead of plastic, but while at best buy last week, I was looking at a display model of hte HD1 (they are sold out now though), it was so badly scratched up, it wasn't funny. I wouldn't buy it for any price that badly scratched, but the odd thing was, even with the scratches it still felt solidly built and could stand out more abuse.

Like willykyu mentioned, the quick update by Sony is a good sign that they are willing to fix the problems early and quickly.

Sp1n also mentioned that Sony's HDD players are also dead, doomed or something of that nature. Not sure this is the case, the new player may prove a formidable force in the mp3 player market, so far it is just hitting the stores and into people's homes.

So far the software isn't what most people were expecting, but I am sure once it is stable it will be a much better combo to the A3000/1000. I believe also someone mentioned to wait for other people's reviews and reactions.

At amazon.co.uk. the A3000 yesterday was marked as dispatched in 2-3 biz days, now its 1-2 weeks. Good news and bad news of course, since now supply is limited. lol

After checking sonystyle europe, the players seem to be back to their pre order status, but yesterday you could easily order one. some other sites still have it though.



seems to have 106 in stock for hte silver version. :ol_biggrin:

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Copying what I said in another forum:

This Christmas, I'm going to take the plunge. I'm a Sony fan, I honestly don't know why, but I am. I've waited, hoping that Sony would create something as good or better than the iPod, but I've been wrong, too many times. From the HD5, to the new A3000, Apple's solution has always been better. I really thought that under the new management, they would have turned over a new leaf, but it's the same old Sony, marching to their own drum rather than the drum consumers want. As soon as Sony releases something better than the iPod, I'll be first in line, but since that will probably never happen, I'm not going to keep holding on, waiting and waiting while others are enjoying an awesome mp3 player. They really are like.no.other

I used to think Sony wanted to rival Apple, but they are doing an absolutely pathetic job. I'll give them in terms of flash players, they are going toe to toe with Apple (except for the Nano), but everything else, Sony just fails at. Someone explain to me how, a 30GB iPod, with a color screen, video, and all of those goodies is considerably smaller than the A3000? In fact, the 60GB iPod, is smaller than the A3000. Apple, is dynamic. They will announce a new iPod with new features, and a week, or maybe even the next day, it will be out. Sony announced these, going 3 months ago, and it just came out in some places. This is one reason why Sony will never catch up to Apple. Another, is that Sony just doesn't think. I mean, for a hardware company, they really are stupid when it comes to making mp3 players. Mainly, the Walkman division.

I kid you not, the Vaio Pocket, made by the computer division, is one of the best attempts ever to rival the iPod. Screw the HD series and the A3000, why didn't they build off of the VP? Could you imagine if Sony was releasing a smaller Vaio Pocket, with all of the features in the A3000, 30 GB, and the same price as the iPod? I'd say Sony had a very good chance at rivaling Apple. I'd be lining up to get one. But they won't. Instead, they are going back to a black and white screen, making it larger than the competitors, and with less space and features. This is why Sony has pushed me to want an iPod, because I'm sick and tired of Sony's nonsense.

Why is it just so hard for them to think, "hey, if we want to surpass Apple, we're going to have to create something that people want more than the iPod. So how about we take our best attempt, build off of it, make sure it has MORE features than the iPod, and is released within a month of it's announcement. What features could we add?



-A LONGER battery life.

-Maybe the ability to download a song onto the machine from Connect Music Store, which would mean including wi-fi.

-FM Tuner

-What about letting consumers trade music or art, or something."

But some how, this escapse Sony. It's more like "Let's make it bigger than the iPod, as well as our last release, we don't have to get onto the color screen fad, why bother?"

Please, kurisu, or anybody who might be able to pass this information/post along to Sony would be great. I want Sony to succeed, but they aren't going to if they keep this up.

I'm sorry for the long rant, feels good to get it off your chest. :ol_biggrin:

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I kid you not, the Vaio Pocket, made by the computer division, is one of the best attempts ever to rival the iPod. Screw the HD series and the A3000, why didn't they build off of the VP?

Great point!

Seriously, the only major flaw of the Vaio Pocket was the lack of a standard USB2 port or at least a "proprietary" cable that connected directly to the unit and charged the device. Forcing people to have the cradle for charging and transferring was the only major drawback. Imagine that with Vaio Pocket Firmware 3.0 and they would have had a competitive product.

People still look at my Vaio Pocket and are like, "what is that?!" They think it's very stylish and think the screen is amazing. Considering how "old" it is, it really is amazing.

Oh well, things are getting better overall but they still have a long ways to go. Fingers crossed.

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EZero .IN some case ur right for .


Why Nw-A3000 bigger & heavier than i-pod.I was shocked :ol_shocked: after seeing the features of nw-hd3000 on sonystyle japan for the first time.At that time i thought how pathetic sony people r.Instead of making it smaller they made a "Dinosaur ".


As i haven`t seen Vaio pocket in India so i can`t comment on it but the forum review really suggest that it has better features than "HD" &"A" SERIES.


One of the major drawback i see is exchange of music can`t be done if we transfer files on Network walkman (As the files r encrypted).So if we convert our mp3s to omg then we also need to back up our mp3 as well .That is very stupied i see.In that case I-pod is far much better .Bonous if they can give FM tuner with there network walkman.

Any comments...

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