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Himd Instruction Manual

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Hi Team,

I am trying to download the HiMD manual for the MZ-NH900 but the sony website tells me they have a server issue at present and when I try and 'save as' I just get an error message come up in Acrobat. sad.gif

The link on the forum also doesn't work? Does anyone have a copy they can point me towards?


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Thank for the link Kurisu, but still no joy.

If I 'save as' it tells me it can't decrypt it once it has downloaded and I get a blank screen if I click directly on the link? Any ideas?

(I'm running Acrobat V4.0 as suggested on that site too?)

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Acrobat 4 is ancient.

I'd suggest getting the latest version (7) - it is free after all. 

I had no trouble downloading and viewing the file using v7.

I'm in work at the moment so stuck with version 4. I have version 6 at home and it still didn't like the first lot of links. Maybe I'll try Kurisu's link from there and see what happens.

Cheers. biggrin.gif

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