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Sony D-EJ001

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Probably the cheapest CD player worth even looking twice at is the D-ej001. At 39 CAD, I could not pass up the offer, since I have been looking for a PCDP for a little while now.

user posted image

The first pic, which may not look it from pictures but this is the most fragile PCDP I have ever used.

user posted image

The second of the player open. Everything is plasticky grossness.

user posted image

The last and final picture. It plays CDRW!!!! Wowza

I have yet to actually give this badboy a listen, since I don't have any batteries yet, but will fill you guys in ASAP.

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I remember somebody on head-fi getting one and saying it wasn't even worth looking at. When I saw one at the store I was like WTF? it's thicker than my !@#$%^& D-12!! Anyway, it gets 12 hours of battery life off of two AA batteries, or whatever.

You can do much better.

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