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Sound Quality

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I've been having this problem. When making a Minidisc via NetMD (Simple Burner), most of the songs sound as they should but then there are certain songs that have extra sounds in them and sound muffled. This causes the player to have trouble reading these songs. At first, I thought I was just the MiniDisc so I recorded the same songs on another to compare but nothing changed. I just delete the 'problem' songs from a MiniDisc to avoid this problem but I tired of that. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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1 - are you transcoding from another format? [especially low-qualtiy mp3?]

2 - what bitrate/quality are you using? LP2 is the best quality that can be transferred to NetMD, and it's not the most fantastic encoding format [as done by SS at least] to begin with..

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It's not because people rip from CDS that the quallity will be good, for exemple, you can burn a cd using 128kbps mp3 and than rip it to the pc using 320kbps but the quallity won't be really 320kbps, it will be around 128kbps because you can't gain quallity just by rising the bitrate. Once the file is in 128kbps, you can only rise it with pro tools i guess not jus reencoding it.

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No, You can not make 128kbps better even if you convert it to 1411kbps PCM or 1000000kbps mp3. Even if you use pro tools. When quality is once degraded, you can't get it back in any way (what is gone, is gone forever).

As a rule of thumb:

- 192kbps or lower mp3 -use old SP(292kbps) or 256kbps(Hi-SP)

(this gives same results in quality as)

- PCM or any lossless use 132kbps LP2

- Mp3@256~320kbps you can only try as results may vary considerably.

I have found that 192kbps variable mp3(EAC/Lame) converted to Hi-SP is about same or little worse quality as PCM converted to 132k LP2.

This is sad as you have to use more space to avoid low quality to go even worse.

...By the way, this is excellent topic as every other than 2nd gen md users struggle with this same problem, when they want to convert their already compressed music (bought from net) to md format.

I think this should be sticky (in some form at least), but better topic could be "How to maintain quality in already compressed music?)

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