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Examining The Entrails

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Did you take into account any endianess issues (if any) when comparing PCM on the computer vs what you see on the Hi-MD?

I didn't have to - I recorded silence, so the data in the WAV file was 00 00 00 01 ff ff ff fe (basically just slight variations +/- a few LSBs about 0), etc. whereas the data in the LPCM blocks was completely random. It's pretty easy to tell the difference without bringing endianess into the picture. If you'd like I could post some text snapshots of the hex dumps and everyone can have a looksie.

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MagicGate is a large mountain to climb as there is no definition to it's zenith. If you patent searched you'll see how many things are in queue, especially with video technology.

No doubt! I'd like to think that I don't have any illusions about how hard that would be. As I mentioned in the very first post of this topic, the only chance we have is if the encryption that's used on LPCM is somehow weaker because it originated in the MD recorder instead of on the PC. It's a long shot, but possible if you consider that Sonicstage appears to re-do the encryption when you upload. If it were as strong as the PC-based encryption they might not have needed to reencrypt.

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hmm, im starting to wonder how the player will react if it found mp3 data inside a entry thats supposed to be a recording tongue.gif

I've only got a 1st-gen Hi-MD so I can't be certain, but I doubt that would do anything interesting. In order to load MP3 data in, you'd need to store it in the atdata??.hma file and create a track record for it in the trkidx??.hma file. There are enough checksums/keys in the track record which we don't know how to compute that the MD device is almost certain to recognise the data as invalid and refuse to play it.

One thing which would be useful: The information we currently have on track types/sources doesn't include the MP3 formats from 2nd-gen devices. Anyone who has a 2nd-gen device and could post a copy of the trkidx??.hma file from a disc with MP3 tracks along with a text description of the tracks could help out the general knowledge.

(FWIW, this is one of the posts that got deleted in the great dex Otaku incident of 2005-07-13. I've restored it pretty much as I remembered it was with some extra content)

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