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Device/Media is write protected

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Well I have a Sony MD that i bought like 2 years ago

its this model

user posted image

i haev neverd had any problem with it.

but recently i have been trying to put music on to it. and a error pops out.

name "Device/Media is wrie protected".

i know some Sony Media Devices has WRITE PROTECTION. so you would overwrite your music and stuff.

I used the Help Button in My SonicStage Software , and I searched the problem , and noticed that Device/Media is write protected is for other Media DeVices.

It said to look for the Write Protect switch on my Device . But My Sony MD doesint have 1.

user posted image

Thats a Image of the Error that pops out

can any 1 help fix it?

Thank You

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take the minidisc itself out of the unit (i.e. the 60/74/80min disc that you music is located on).

On the very bototm of the disc (opposite the arrow pointing to the correct side to insert into the unit) is a small (usually) grey 'protection tab'. In order to be able to write information to the disc (i.e. transfer music or edit) the tab music be fully open (i.e. the entire tab showing). If the tab is pushed to one side (and you can see a little into the disc) then you are not able to record. Please see a MiniDisc FAQ for more information

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