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Best setup for recording (A to D conversion)

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OK ...I dont know if theres anything like this already posted... if there is please refer me...I've been recording for years now on my two r70's (two helps when sets go over 80 min). heres my setup:

two sennheiser me66 (i think) shotguns into a samson mixpad 4..the pad supplies 18v phantom which is better than just using AA's in the mics. The mixer has TRS outs that double as 1/4 inch monos...since i don't have a TRS to RCA adaper (anyone know of any) i have to use an unbalanced 1/4 inch to mini adapter, and that goes right into the line in on the recorder.

First question... how can I take advantage of my balanced TRS outs? I know how to solder.

2nd question...i recently picked up a cheap analog to digital converter from radioshack and equiped it with a 9 volt power box...it works like it should...takes RCA input and outputs toslink optical and this goes into the recorder but I'm a little concerned about the quality of the A/D converter in this thing compared to the one in the minidisc recorders (in both the r70 and my new rh10).

3rd question ....does anyone know of a battery powered unit that would allow me to input XLR, with phantom power, minor mixing capabilites, and with a high quality A/D converter that will output optical to the MD deck? If so I can't find it

Thanks for all the help

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I am not doing stealth, fully open...I've seen DAT recorders using some kind of box that might help me but it has s/pdif coaxial out on it...anybody know anything about these boxes and a portable coaxial to optical converter (I'd rather not use hacks if I don't have to)

modded ua-5

or an AD20

Check www.taperssection.com, that sight is awesome for this info.

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