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  1. Been away from this forum and MD for quite some time... just reading around.... Curious... what do the JA20ES decks go for when they pop up? I can't find a single listing on ebay, or any where else.
  2. sorry bout that... I pretty much summed up everything that was said.... http://taperssection.com/index.php/topic,7...html#msg1025181 found through this thread: ....http://taperssection.com/index.php/topic,8.../topicseen.html
  3. So I saw this discussion going on over at taperssection. Someone did a frequency analysis of files transferred over a Rh1 USB connection into sonicstage, and files transferred using a legacy deck with digital out transferred in real time. The single report states that the USB transfer had drastic frequency cutoffs above 15k, the waveform appeared significantly different, and the audio quality difference was readily apparent. Supposedly a proper ATRAC component doesn't exist for the PC, so Sonicstage converts the original ATRAC to ATRAC+ 3 before converting to PCM, and this is where the quality loss comes in. I briefly scanned the threads here and couldn't find any mention of this issue or if it has been or is being addressed, or if it even can be. I'd like to see some discussion on this and if anyone else has noticed it.
  4. FWIW.... I was just quoted that $29 refurb exchange...sent the unit in....got back the same unit with a $99 labor fee chargerd to my credit card....I would print out that $29 quote and make sure it's iron-clad.
  5. So my parts were still under warrenty but not the labor, so I filed a claim on their website and they quoted me a price of under 30 bucks and told me it was eligible for an exchange program. So I sent it in with a note with my credit card info and said I authorize a charge of no more than 30 dollars to my card. I get it back a week later and it's my unit ( i checked the serial number) and it had been repaired at a cost of 99 bucks an change for what I assume was the labor. So should I put a stop on the charge? I'm sure they have some kind of loop hole here to say that 30 bucks was just an estimate.....but why say it's gonna get exchanged and then repair it? I feel mislead and would have seriously questioned spending 100 bucks on the repair. They should have called me to authorize the repair.
  6. I have this New Deal recording, and it looks like I was the only one to get a pull that night. My friends been making a track list for me for the past year, and he says he's finally gonna finish soon (for real this time). The recording was made on a legacy md recorder, so I was wondering if there's anyone in my area that has an RH1 and might want to help me do the transfer right. I always want to have a recording at it's best before putting it into circulation. Free copy of course, and it's only two discs so it shouldn't take too long. I would send it to someone in the mail to do the transfer, if there was a way for me to make a backup copy before hand...but there's not, so I'm not willing to part with these original, sole copies. So if there's anyone in the area...orange county, ny....it's close to the city, but it's too much of a hassle to get down there...so anyone on the outskirts, preferably west of the hudson, that would be great..... thanks
  7. If you look on the site, you can choose to have it repaired instead of exchanged for 101.00 including shipping, mine just died too, actually a month before the warranty was up, but I was out on vacation and didn't claim it until 4 days after the year was up, so I think I'm screwed. Hopefully I'll get it extended because my first unit was DOA and they didn't get that back until the end of september.... so that 's when my warranty period should have started.... I must say though that this doesn't speak well for SONY's build quality lately...my r70 are still running without a hiccup and have seen much worse than the rh10
  8. I've successfully transfered mp3's from my iBook G4 1.33gHz os x 10.4.7 to my girlfriends DH10P .... that's one less hassle for me cause she's always clamoring me to transfer my recordings for her.
  9. Looks like $209 is the new low price...... Check it out
  10. Price on Amazon is up to $260 ... I knew I should have ordered a few ..... looks like the topic needs to change Just in case I decide to keep this Dh10P and get my girlfriend a different model.. what's the cheapest player only model out there?
  11. Woodbury Commons Sony Outlet...about 45 minutes north of New York City, off of 87. Price is $199.99, local tax is 8.25% = $216.49. If your interested and you can't get up there I could probably pick it up for you...it's about 10 minutes from my house. I was just there scoping the scene... that's the only HiMD anything they have there... they say they usually sell out quick when they get anything good..... back in the day i used to get r70's there and sell em on ebay for a decent profit. They don't keep good stock like they used to. Still waiting for an RH10, 910 or a mac model. The EH1 is the only new MD stock I've seen in the last year. Edit: Is this a good deal for a player only model? I mean I know it's slim... is that what your paying for?
  12. [OFF TOPIC] They have the EH1 with full warranty (I'm pretty sure it's refurbished) for $200 at the sony outlet by me. Where'd you find it for $180... and was it new? [/OFF TOPIC]
  13. Ordered one a couple days ago and got it today..... present for my girlfriend's birthday later this month, I think she'll love it...her friend just got a shuffle and she's been asking for some kind of player and I already have her convinced how better minidisc is than than ipod .... supposedly if you plug the shuffle into a computer it auto erases everything? So you cant just add more songs, you have to update the whole library at once...those ipods seems like real crap.... So this is the first minidisc I've actually bought for playback purposes and though this camera is pretty much a mockery of the format I still think she's gonna love it. Plus it's a nice collectors piece. And don't worry... I know she's gonna enjoy it just as much as me Edit: Does this use the same battery the RH1 does? Might come in handy.
  14. Well I found a couple of 4XAA to usb power adapters for under $10: http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-Portable-AA-Batter...1QQcmdZViewItem and http://cgi.ebay.com/Portable-USB-battery-p...1QQcmdZViewItem but what I was originally talking about that I thought was over a hundred is actually only about $85 with shipping... it has a usb 5v port and an additional port for between 3.5v to 20v... it's a li-ion with 8800 mah and it weighs 250g...and I think it has a 3 level battery meter. http://cgi.ebay.com/IBM-Sony-Laptop-Canon-...1QQcmdZViewItem Like I said before this would be a nice way to go if you have additional devices to power but as a replacement for the sidecar...those under $10 options seem like the way to go.
  15. How bout 8 AA's and then a 12 volt car to usb adapter? (or 10 if using 1.2v) I really think this ziplink 12v-24v car to 5 volt usb is gonna be my answer. That means I can take anywhere from 10 to 20 NiMH AA's and make a super power pack. Now that's power! It'll only be three to four times bigger than the deck iteself, but who care's. We're talking about professional applications here. Like 4 days in the woods with no power and your car is 2 miles away. Oh.. and the best act of the weekend is of course going on last...Sunday at 9 so those 5 extra proprietary lithiums you bought for your RH1 have of course run dry... and your just wishing to hell for that little beautiful sidecar...how you miss that sidecar. How you wish you would have hiked the 2 miles back to your car so you could recharge... but nay... the sun beat you down oh these last 4 days... the sun and everything else... curse you sony!!! Oh no wait.... I have a 20 battery SUPER POWER PACK!!! I'm saved!!! Of course a single Lithium E2 AA in a sidecar would have done the same job. SONY... WHY MUST YOU MAKE MY LIFE SO HARD!?!
  16. Are the Energizer E2 Lithium's only 1.2 v? It says 1.5v but I'm sure looks can be decieving, do the recharables you guys are using actually say 1.2v? or is that the REAL voltage of the supposed 1.5 AA size batteries...and does this make a difference in making this battery box... for example if the the usb doesnt need a full 5v... would 3 or 4 be the right amount. 1.2 vs 1.5 would make a difference in this calculation. I've though of going the recharagable route with NiMh's but they didnt even make it through one disc on my r70 so I never even gave them a second thought or tried them on my rh10... you think i would get different results? No matter... no battery is as reliable as the e2 lithium's so it's the only one I can trust at a concert. If only they made them recharable. Sorry to get off topic... better redeem myself... so this new rh1 is amazing huh? Here's another thing I'm wondering about... there was a rumor that the new mac models could upload pcm recordings made on other hi-md units (to the mac). I tried to get someone to confirm this and I couldn't so I'm guessing it was just a rumor. Will this new model be able to do that? I would imagine so ... if it could upload recordings made on my old r70 why couldn't it upload recordings made on my rh10? I know this will be hard to answer till we see the new mac software their going to release... just a though for any of you guys testing it out there, now or in the future.
  17. I am extremely happy that the AA sidecar feature is not going to be included with this unit for one simple reason .... it means I haven't died and gone to heaven. So I'm still alive and SONY must do something to take away from this being the ultimate super duper perfect portable minidisc recorder ever. Live recording is always PCM and in reply to a previous post... while 6 hours may be enough for a single concert... it is in no way even close to enough time for a festival, as I'm sure my fellow festy brothers and sisters (how many sisters do we have here anyway) are well aware of. With the sidecar ... ONE AA lithium is enough for a festy and a half (seriously those things go for like 40 hours). Line out vs. battery for live recording ... the choice is obvious. If this thing really is marketed toward the pro recording market then I can't fathom why they would take away a major recording feature to give us a simple analog playback feature. This is truly astounding. Well I thought it's really not that bad, I could just make a battery pack with two AA lithiums and have a 80 hour+ battery pack. There would be three downsides vs a sidecar battery pack as far as I can see. 1. The external pack would be registered as a power adapter and would not display battery levels. This means keeping track of usage and bringing a portable battery meter 2. The internal battery would not share the load and may even drain the batterypack as it attempts to recharge from, what it recognizes as an AC connection. 3. No changing battery's mid-show. While this is possible with a side car, with the unit I currently have (RH10) if you unplug the ac adapter it will not revert to internal battery and continue recording, the unit resets. That said, changing batteries mid-show will not really be a problem using this setup because a. you should be keeping track of how much juice the external pack has and b. you won't know that you need to change the battery because you don't have a meter to be telling you. Those were my thoughts which have now become null and void due to the news of the ac adapter to 5v usb power adapter that will be powering the unit. The change from a 3 volt source means powering with two AA's is no longer an option. I've seen portable lithium USB power packs.. there over a hundred bucks but I'm sure they'll supply more than 4 festy's worth of recording time. Besides the USB 5 volt port they have a mult- volt port too that can be used at the same time... so if that can help your whole setup out, it's an option..... but that's a pretty expensive replacement for a sidecar. And the thing has some weight to it and the size is a bit smaller than a VHS tape. Yet another rediculous "portable" solution... you could drag a sealed-lead battery with you... I have a relativly small one that doubles as a carbooster... but they sure are heavy. From there a car plug to usb adapter is under 5 bucks. The battery's around 30. What I need to find now is a 5 volt rechargable lithium battery.... that's closer in size and price to the AA's. I always wished they would come out with the AA rechargable lithium's cause I know there are some digi cameras that take a AA lithium rechargable double pack. So I'm sure it's possible. Probably one of those marketing things. So once these things get out there I'm sure we'll get more info on making a workable external pack... until then ... WAKE UP SONY!!! It's one thing after another with you. I really might have to hold off buying this because battery life is such a crucial issue with me. WE NEED TO GET A POLL GOING ON THIS BATTERY ISSUE. This is a serious concern to us live tapers (whom this unit is supposedly for). We got a poll for the car unit and home decks... I think we seriously need to petition Sony before it's too late....even if that means a bulky two battery box that connects to it through a usb wire (that's what I'll end up having to make anyway.) I would much rather it be made by sony so they can get their firmware to set battery levels for it. I think this unit is proof positive that this forum can make a difference, so let's make it happen. Battey issues aside, I must say... my 250+ legacy recordings are screaming with joy. Hell has indeed frozen over. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who really thought we would never see the day. Hey we need someone to go back into the archive's and find all the posts of what people said they would do (like eat their hat) if this ever happened... I'm sure theres more than one.
  18. I saw it asked before but I dont think it was answered...if a live recording was already uploaded with a previous version of sonicstage...specifically 3.2 which began allowing mulitple uploads..are these disc still locked to that installation on that computer or can they now be uploaded unlimited to any computer?
  19. i bought bulk to get a discount and I've been selling them on ebay for around $6 after shipping...factoring the cost of ebay I'm hardly making any money, even with the best bulk discount you can't get them below $5 a disc
  20. I'll believe the ADC is better on the rh10 but noway the preamp...my mics (sennheiser me66 shotguns) worked fine with the usbpre but i can't get an unundistorted signal (at loud concerts) through the rh10 preamp, even on low sensitivity...the levels were fine which means it was the preamp distorting....I rarely use the mic-in anyway so it really doesn't matter the v3 a beautiful piece of equipment but way out of my price range, especially without computer connectivity (as of right now)
  21. All right, I'm sold on not getting the MT...no more convincing, I realize my rh10 is better, or at least more reliable. But let me ask a little about this laptop thing (I know this isn't the right section, let alone the right forum but we already started talking about it). The only laptop recording I've made for a live show was on my girlfriends ~500mhz vaio using my friends sound devices usbpre...I backed up with my rh10. There was deffinetlly skips in the audio toward the end of the recording (on the laptop, not the MD). This is a pretty slow laptop so I'm attributing to that...i was using audacity for recording. 32bit, 44.1. no other programs running, i don't know how fast the harddrive is. Now I have an ibook g4 1.33ghz. Heres my question...coupled with the usbpre and now using boomrecorder (not audacity, fine for editing but I've had it crash too many times during recording)...is this a pretty solid setup?...I have an outboard phantom power to save on battery, and I'm about to order a 133wh external battery for the laptop. I also will be using mobile external HD because it runs at 5400rpm (internal on ibooks is slower) which is what is recommended for 2 channel audio. Also anybody know how good the preamps and the adc in the usbpre are? And how does it compare in that respect to the m-audio firewire 410? I seems sound devices is more professional gear and maudio is more consumer. A good preamp and adc is pretty much top on my list of requirements. For anyone interested, yes I will be using my RH10 for backup (split after the phantom using an art splitcom and into a samson mixpad 4, then into the HiMD)...what do you say...good setup or what? BTW I never have to be stealthy, so the excess gear really doesn't matter...it'll all fit in one case. Ok, now here's the joke....anyone wanna trade an rh10 unit for an m100 unit? You can have my 5 year warranty for free. Didn't think so.
  22. wow yeah huh...i just took alook at some forums on this and looks like they got alot more problems then we do.......and horrible customer service (not that sony's much better)...oh well...anyone know how reliable laptop recording is?
  23. Yeah I've seen that, but the whole discussion seems to point to the fact that it can't be done...because the rh models add more encryption to the recording than the mac model does...therefore the key to uploading is on the disc, not the recorder (although its the recorder that puts it on the disc), which is why you can upload a disc recorded with a mac model using an rh model. There's a brief comment at the end of the thread mentioning this capability and that was a simple answer, based on no posts to the contrary, to the same question I'm putting out there right now, ....can you upload rh recordings on a mac model? I say no. I'm calling it out..I think this is a rumor and can't actually be done...until someone states otherwise that's what I'm going on. What a pitty too..having both models would give me gapless recording for sets lasting more than 94 minutes (I use my r70 for it now and have to analog upload the "patch") Guess I'm just gonna have to keep using other people's pc's and then burning the wav's to dvd..... No you know what...I'm tired of this crap...I've been a proud supporter of minidisc for nearly a decade...I have countless shows recorded that will never be archived without a generation loss...and everytime I think that Sony has done something to help, its really just a more complex way to screw us out of buying a product that actually would do what we wanted..USB, (first only for download), upload (but only with their crap program, and only once at first, and now still only on one computer)...and now...the mac compadability issue......I'm tired of hoping Sony is eventually going to lift the magical veil and allow me free access to my own Goddam music...I recorded hundreds of concerts and guess what...the bands welcomed it. I've never used my minidisc recorder to break the law....but guess what Sony, you've finally broken me................ I'm getting an M-Track....who wants my rh10?
  24. Yup..I just read the faq..thats what it is..it decodes it to PCM before sending it...guess MD Studio is the only way to actually upload the files...maybe someday they'll wise-up and make their program recognize the himd decks as data drives.
  25. so does that mean this unit would upload a recording made only on it or could i upload recordings made on my r70 too? Yeah I saw that, thats actually what got me thinking about this whole thing...although I remember you could get them new for between $800-1000 a couple years ago (as opposed to $1500 list). If I can use this to upload my old legacy recordings and bypass the asynchronous encode/decode generation loss that would be amazing...once I'm done doing that I can just sell it...who wants it next? On a side note...if this was HiMD with PCM it would be the best MD Deck ever! Well...maybe if they added a buffer big enough to change discs while still recording...or a second disc drive...buffer would probably be cheaper.
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