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HIMDRenderer 0.54 Released (see last post of this thread)

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Marcnet has released version 0.50 of HIMDRenderer.

EDIT: (Bug fixes have been put and released into version 0.53. Read post below this one for details)

Read this for further info:

It was going to be 1.00, but I decided that because of the large amount of additional features, I'll keep it an alpha/beta version. Okay... change log:

===== HIMDRenderer Changes======

* Fixed memory leaks.

* Fixed bug in silence detection.

* Fixed crashing after first file in batch mode

* Fixed bug in bug reported that caused reports to become corrupted occasionally

* Improved error messages (now have codes too!)

* All logging is written to a single set of log files within the program folder. These logs are sent automatically when reporting a bug.

* Improved desciptions on FLAC compression options

* Now renders files silently. There is an advanced option to go back to "noisy" conversion :P

===== HIMDRenderer Additions======

* Added output directory to batch mode

* Added silence trimming (cuy start & end silence) - NOT FULLY TESTED - USE WITH CAUTION!

* Added ID3 tagging on mp3,flac and ogg files

* Added new output file type - OMA. This is mostly useful for AT3 files. OMA/OMG files are simply copied when used with OMA/OMG files from the PC


* Added ability to convert .at3 files into the supported file types - including OMA

* Added HIMDLister. Just press the "MD Listing" button to access it. This also supports NetMD discs and NetMD devices

* Added a NetMD recorder. Access this via "MD Recorder" button. Simply select the tracks to record, select the sound-card input, choose an output directory and hit "record" -- *THIS WILL NOT SHOW TRACKS FROM HI-MD DISCS*




This zip includes ALL dlls required - including libmmd.dll


Please note: Most of the new features have been tested by myself - but there may (probably) be something I missed. Please report any bugs using the bug reporter, or by posting here. Ill investiage ASAP

Oh, and I can no longer test OMG files as I have none. The PC that had my OMG collection died, so I can only support OMA files from now on. The functionality to convert OMG files is stilll there- just dont expect me to fix any processing bugs when dealing with these type of files

As for a guide to using all this new stuff.... well... You could either

1) Write one :P (I prefer this option :D )

2) Wait for me to start & finish one.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ive now release 0.52 with these fixes:

Fixes in version 0.52:

* Fixed crash when encountered empty artist, album or track name field in OMA file

* Fixed crash when using taglib to name some mp3 files.

* Fixed bug with extraction that meant some non-DRM'ed files would extract but not convert.

* OMG support has been tweaked to (hopefully) no-longer barf when converting more than one OMG file. I dont know if this fix works, so let me know!

* SonicStage 3.3 has support for transfering tracks to the HIMD device using the new Atrac3+ 352kbps codec. Ive added support for this new codec (listing & extraction) into version 0.52.

Version 0.52: http://forums.minidisc.org/downloads/details.php?file=3

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Version 0.53 has the following changes:

* Configuration is now saved when the program is closed and is restored when the program is loaded

* TagLib is no longer used for mp3 tagging. Instead ID3Lib is used (included in the 0.53 release .zip file)

* File tagging can be turned off in the advanced options section

* Added sample rate option with mp3 encoding. LAME will do the resampling if anything other than 44100 is selected.

Download version 0.53 here:


Remember to extract both files from the .zip into the same location as whereever 0.50 and/or 0.52 have been extracted to previously.


This version does not include the flac,ogg,mp3 and libmmd dll's from version 0.50. If you dont have these dll's then download version 0.50 FIRST.

Version 0.50 download:


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Hello. I've released version 0.54 of HIMDRenderer. You can download it from here: http://www.marcnetsystem.co.uk/himdrenderer054.zip

This release contains all the required DLL's, so you won't need to go source them from previous releases.


* GUI Improvements (changed global font, fixed vanishing text, etc)

* Fixed lock-up when converting some OMA files

* Fixed configuration data corruption that was causing the low-quality sounding mp3 generation.

* Added track "Play" functionality to the MD Recorder so tracks can be listened to without the need to record anything

* Added a new slighlty faster conversion method for OMA files. The old routine still exists (see new advanced options below)

* Added "Default Handler" to the advanced options. This tells HIMDRenderer which conversion routine to use first. "None" means autodetect from file extension. "New OMA" uses new OMA routine and "Old OMA" uses the old one. "OMG" uses the OMG routine.

* Added "Try all handlers" option to advanced options. This basically will start with the default handler, and if that dosn't work then it will try the next routine and then the next until one succeeds in conversion or they all have failed.

* Tidied up Built-in Directshow filters

* Fixed OMG batch conversion - No more having to restart HIMDRenderer each time after converting OMG files (part of DirectShow tidy up)

* Added "Group output files" option in batch mode. This will take the last folder from each filename and create that folder in the "Output Directory". The converted file will then go into that folder.

* Fixed random crash in MD Recorder

* Fixed bug in HIMD Extraction code where all OMA files created from extracted ATRAC data were 32 bytes too short.

* Added support for the new 192kbs ATRAC3 bitrate that Sonicstage and all HIMD units now support.

* Now only one instance of HIMDRenderer can be run at a time

* Increased number of log files to 8 and also added DirectShow diagnostics to log file.

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