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GYM Installation on A3000/A1000

Guest Stuge

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GYM Installation FAQ for Sony NW-A1000 / NW-A3000

Want to export your music from an NW-A1000 or NW-A3000 to any pc? Read on.

I was finally able to get GYM running on an NW-A1000! Woohoo! For those who don’t know what GYM is, it is a program which can decrypt and export the encrypted music files that you have loaded onto your Sony Network Walkman. The only catch is that in my experience it can only export tracks that were transfered to the player in mp3 format. Eg. mp3 in = mp3 out. Atrac/Atrac3/Atrac3plus in = nada out. Most people streer clear of the crippled DRMed Atrac anyways and really, why recompress in a lossy format?

This whole GYM installation process will only work using Sonic Stage, but before you scream… Ohhhh but I wont be able to use my artist link! I was able to get it working with Connect Player after getting GYM installed.

Lets get started:

To be safe you can optionally uninstall Connect Player and Sonic Stage and the OpenMG Secure Module installed by them. I did this to be safe, it might not be necessary.

1) Download GYM (Most Current Version) and Download MP3FileManager 2.0

2) Initialize the disk of your player.

3) Install Sonic Stage

4) Connect your player to your computer

5) Open up the GYM and MP3FileManager zip files you downloaded earlier and extract them to the root directory of your player.

6) Launch Sonic Stage and select “transfer” from the interface. It will now build a directory structure on your player. You can verify that this step is complete by checking your players drive in windows explorer. If a folder named OMGAUDIO is now there, you’re golden. All in all you should see on the drive the folders OMGAUDIO, GYM and MP3FM.

7) Navigate to the GYM folder and launch KeyWizard.exe. Sonic Stage should still be running in the background.

8) Follow everything the GYM  key wizard says to do until you reach the point where it pops up a “tmp” folder and asks you to use MP3FileManager to transfer them to your player. If Sonic Stage is still running as it should be then you will get a warning that says MP3FileManager cannot run when Sonic Stage is running. Close the warning and switch back to Sonic Stage. Now import everything from the “tmp” folder that GYM generated into your Sonic Stage library. It will add it under an album named “No Rules.” When the library import is done, transfer everything in the “No Rules” album onto your player.

9) When the transfer is complete shutdown Sonic Stage and can go back to the GYM installer. Click next, next, next, etc... until the installation is complete.

10) Congrats, you can now use GYM to export music from your player onto any computer. Just fire up /GYM/GYM.exe and off you go. Note: you can only use Sonic Stage to import music, Connect Player will no longer be able to recognize your player correctly.

And for those of you who want your artist link… how to get this whole thing working with Connect Player.

1) Do all of the steps above (1-10)

2) Uninstall Sonic Stage and the OpenMG Secure Module so we have a fresh start

3) Install Connect Player (make sure to use the most recent version!)

4) Navigate to your player in windows explorer and find the folder that Sonic Stage created called OMGAUDIO. Delete it now. DO NOT delete the GYM and MP3FM folders or all of our hard work will be for not.

5) Fire up Connect Player and connect your player. It will now recreate a fresh Connect Player compatible OMGAUDIO directory structure on your device, the only difference is that all files you transfer in the future will be able to be exported by GYM. Walaa!

Hope this helped some of you fellow NW-A1000/3000 owners out, took me all fricken weekend to get it working.

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Guest Stuge

Is it also possible to transfer tracks from your pc to sony a1000? It will be a good alternative for sonicstage

No ,GYm only allows to Play,save ,Browse tracks (only mp3 `s not atrac).

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