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Black Dr77 Pictorial and dr77 vs dr80

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here it is, somehow i get all kinds of errors trying to upload them here, so i put the pics on xanga instead, enjoy.



By the way, the last fews pictures used to come out kinda bright but now they are kinda dark out of my comp, you guys might have to brighten them up a bit to see more details. Apparently i don't have any imaging software, so i am sorry ;)

I can't speak in head-fi language, so i will do just a basic review later i guess.

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Very cool -- what kind of errors do you get when you try to upload, though? Screenshots would be good, I would appreciate it.

well my firefox froze up after like 2 minutes when i use the bulk upload and the single upload, just doesn't work for me. btw, the dr77's going to a new home, can't get anymore pics, sorry! :wacko:

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would you say that the size of the dr80 would make the difference between the larger dr77 or would you rather still have the screen on the unit dr77

i uses the remote a lot so i personally think having a lcd on the unit is a hassle since i have to keep it scratchless. as for the size, man dr80 is small and dedlicate, while the dr77 is quite heavier and thicker, and according to my knowledge, it is plastic. At least my black dr77 feels like a block of plastic while the dr80 feels more well built cuz it is covered by metal( but is less heavy than the dr77) and that is why i sold it to keep my dr80. yeah, i rather have the dr80 because it is so small and so well built, while the paint of the dr77 keeps coming off and i don't use the screen at all. basically everything you need is on the remote, and if you have more difficult function you can use the dr80's chargind deck, which seems to be more functional that dr77. so if you are really botheref by the lack of lcd screen on the unit, get the dr77 or dr7, or else get the dr80!!!!

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