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MZ-N707 in critical condition!

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My first ever MD unit, my beloved MZ-N707 (with the RZ-900 hack) that I bought from an old admin here, is dying! It records just fine from mic, USB, optical, and line-in. Playback is fine too, except:

No sound comes out.

Headphones directly plugged in or through the remote makes no difference. If I hold on the headphone jack, sort of sqeezing it to the circuit board, it picks up just fine. I disassembled it according to the service manual, and tested the jack with a multimeter - everything seems to check out fine. I even un-soldered the jack and re-soldered it on (don't worry, I've done electronics repair for 8 years), but the problem still exists.

Is this internal to the circuit board? Is my N707 shot? Is the board cracked somewhere that may cause this?

Please help! I love this unit to much to see it go! If it is dead, I don't know what I'll do - probably something drastic, like buy a DR80 or move up to Hi-MD! :(

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Is the board cracked somewhere that may cause this?

It could be, I suppose. You said you disassembled it...according to the service manual even (good thinking). Maybe you could disassemble it again and try to find the problem area. If you can hear the sound when you apply pressure to the headphone plug while it's in the jack, maybe you could find some way to rig it so that pressure is constantly applied. You could use some tape, but that's kind of a ghetto solution.

Retiring a deck isn't much fun but defenitly check out moving up to Hi-MD. You can probably still find new 1st and 2nd generation recorders from online retailers for ~$150.

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Well, see, here's my slight dilemma. I can't work on my 707 unless my wife is gone; she refuses to allow me to solder while she's here (and I can understand she doesn't want to be breathing lead/rosin fumes, I don't find them tasty myself). For the work schedules we have, it's somewhat hard to have time to myself.

Also, I want an Auvi bad enough to TASTE it, something like the DR80's that are for sale here (if my 707 is totally kaput, I MIGHT be able to replace it now (but I did just buy an E10)) or a DR7.

Upgrading to Hi-MD is a tricky task itself. Of the units that are out, I have VERY high standards for what I want to get, and I'm not sure what fits them best. I'm willing to import a unit from any country to get the features that I want/need (like the RH710 - I can't use a US unit, they have no mic in, but one that does have the mic input would work). Here is my list:

1. must have mic, line, and optical inputs

2. prefer a remote with LCD screen (will go without screen if I have to/find one at a really good price

3. must be able to record in original SP and LP2 as well as new Hi-MD compressions

4. I prefer Li-Ion batteries to Ni-MH, so I'd be more willing to purchase one powered by Li-Ion. I don't loathe Ni-MH, I just have a preference - and they're not it.

So, now what? Wait for an RH1, or try and get an older Hi-MD unit that fits? Or, just buy a DR80? LOL

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I love both my DR80s for their sound quality and look, but they use NiMH, so I'm not sure if battery type matters THAT much to you. The one thing I don't like about the DR80 is that it is pretty cradle-dependent. And the cradle is not the most portable thing. I'm not sure how you'll use your recorder so this may not be an issue for you.

If you can score an NH1 (comes with an awesome remote), I'd go with that. Or, if you can stand the wait, get the RH1.

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You won't be disappointed with the quality of the DR80. It's one of the sleekest that I own and the remote is nice as it has a record button and good backlight. I've seen them run for as low as $100-120 brand new in box on Ebay. Happy shopping!

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