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My E888 was down!

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  • 2 weeks later...

My 888 was down a few hours ago too, there was a crackling noise like a small bean vibrating inside the left driver whenever the bass is thumping. I then operate on it an took out the driver, give it a blow job(yes i blew it real hard literally) and put everything back on. Now it works like the same, tho i still feel something is wrong(placebo effect maybe). Sorry to hijack your thread but im also looking for replacements real soon in case it dies one day. Am looking at the AT CK7 or Senns MX550 (or 500?) Please give some advice.

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I have the Senn MX450 (same as the 550, but without the volume control)... and while I do like the symmetrical cable, they are quite big for my ears and they do not offer a lot of bass, really not.

still they are cheap backup phones for when the main pair (RP-JE50's in my case) die all of a sudden

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