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Open Letter to the Mac Community

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The letter certainly portrays a nightmare scenario. Jadeclaw is right on the money...don't talk to anyone [at least, not before you are paid :lol: ...just kidding there...) But it is only one side of the story.

I must say that when he first got the phone call from someone who identified himself as a lawyer looking for his information and opinions, common sense in today's world should have told him to shut up. Instead, it sounds like he probably bit on the chance (at least at that moment) to be -- or at least sound -- authoritative on the subject.

It also sounds to me like his own lawyer might not have clued him in as to exactly what he should expect to happen once he sued these two class-action law firms. After all, they're not playing "nice" with him because he (rightly or wrongly) impugned (what's left of) their professional ethics, is a potential challenge their income stream, and possibly also made claims of ethical breaches to their states' respective bar assocations, all of which lawyers tend to take very personally.

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