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  1. It's a piece of art made around 2003 by a furry artist named "H. Riesen/Auryanne". I liked it so much I snatched it and gave it a pirate patch (German Shepherds are my favorite type of dogs). Can't find the original around the web, but I'm sure I have a backup somewhere.
  2. Reudant, I'm very, very sorry, but I had to remove your links as it's against the rules to post members' own ebay auctions, due to past abuse. Please, post the pics and asking prices here. I'm sure many people will be interested in them. Best of luck with your sale, both here and on Ebay.
  3. A side question, what's your main language? It seems we have a serious language barrier here. (Your response doesn't really tell us much, sorry)
  4. Sorry, this is not a Windows support forum. That being said, you need to be more specific. What's going on with your CD drive? The more info you can provide, the better.
  5. It sounds more like a bad battery than anything else.
  6. You can get my RH1 for 220 pound plus ship.
  7. SOLD! :-D Need money bad for a very, VERY important step in my life. Unit has some scuffs on the lid, and it exhibits the same issue as other RH1 units go through with the jog lever, in which you have to put pressure so that it responds to a push, but other than that, it works fine. It's missing the earbuds, but surely you have something better as an MD collector. Battery holds the charge just fine. Payment through Paypal. If I don't get a response in one week, it goes onto the Evilbay. 300 OBO. Free shipping within the USA. PM if outside the USA.
  8. I have an MZ RH1 that I don't really even use as a backup to my main one. The unit comes with charger, original battery that holds charge just fine, remote, and charger. It has some scuffs on the lid, and it exhibits the same issue as other RH1 units go through with the jog lever, in which you have to put pressure so that it responds to a push. I'll post pictures soon. Thinking of getting 300 for it, free priority shipping in the USA.
  9. As far as I know, any regular audio MD can be formatted for use in HI-MD. Sony would have stated so otherwise. About the time discrepancy between SonicStage and your calculations: Keep in mind that there are issues like fragmentation, possible bad sectors on the disc, and that SS is only giving you an approximation based on reading the table of contents, not from a full surface reading. Also, yes. You could stuff 70 or more compressed songs on 74-min MD... if it had the same capacity as a CD. MDs usually have a 160MByte capacity, compared to the 650 a CD can hold. The 74 minutes you get on an MD result from using lower-bitrate (compressed) recordings made to fit in a smaller medium. Here's an MD technical Q and A. Hope this helps: http://www.minidisc.org/minidisc_faq.html#_q1
  10. If MP3 playback is not important, get an NH900.
  11. I have one, but has issues.
  12. The description leads me to believe that's the max the machine will support all right. Perhaps it had 2 slots so it could be loaded with two sticks of 1GB each. The only way to find out for sure is to putting 4GB like you plan, and see if it works. Maybe you can borrow memory from someone else and test it? Yes, different speed memory can coexist, but the board will lower the speed of the fastest one to match the slow memory's.
  13. I need money quickly to cover an emergency expense, and thus I am offering my old RH1 for sale. The info: No remote. Battery holds charge just fine. Comes with original charger and USB cord. Lever is a bit stubborn, like it happens to all RH1s and needs to be pushed firmly to select the prior or next track. The unit has a small problem in which it will lose power as if the battery had been removed, but it only happens when it's held in a specific way. Other times, it works just fine. No dead spots on the display. It uploads, records and reads MDs just fine. Minor scuffs on the body, from normal use. Paypal Only. Will ship to Canada and some parts of Europe if you cover the shipping. Australia and Japan are okay. Other countries, please contact. Photos coming soon.
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