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Has the MZ-RH10 gone "poof"?

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Sound Professionals is still selling the black RH10 for US$279, including a free microphone.

if you're fine with the mz-m100 (i'd assume so), soundprofessionals has this deal:


mz-m100 with included sony mic, mdr-7506 headphones, $10 off soundprofessionals mic. you can get it for $50 less without the headphones, but that'd be silly. those headphones sell for $100 most places and they're a popular model. (i'd definitely buy an extra pair for $50 or more. i'm selling mine to a friend for $70 . . kinda wish i wasn't, but a deal's a deal.)

oh yeah. the deal's supposedly selling out and this is the last week for the offer.

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