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N710 EEPROM Data

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I seriously doubt anyone has managed to dump the EEPROMs of any MD recorders in the history of the format.

Actually, there have been quite a few people in the MDCF past that have had this problem. Mainly hacks done incorrectly or people entering service mode without prior/proper experience or guidance. If you seriously want to save this unit, you would need to get a hold of the service manual for the N710 (or maybe a similar unit like the NF810). Personally, I would save myself the headache and just get a new unit. Good luck.

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^Please i need your help

hello friend, I live in Chile excuses my ortografic lack, to improve the functions of this equipment MZ N710 she enters to menu on watch and she changes the values items 061 that originally indicate 20 it changes by 70 and in item 062 it changes by 75 , with these changes you obtained the functions of the models but advanced, please i need the values that would show in menu on watch to repair my unit that lost these values,! precaution you do not enter nor you change the values in item 020 to 026, if you change to these values you ocurred just like to my, please help me my mail ysist@hotmail.com thanks....

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