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  1. yeah Ive had the same problems. Im probably going to take it in for a service under warrantee tomorrow. lets just hope it relaly only does to 2-7 days (as the servicing shop claims) for it to get fixed
  2. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Go and buy the Bose Triport with all new redesigned Super Hydrolic Interharmonic Termination headband assembly for added comfort and more BASS!!11!!
  3. thats interesting, my charger is for the V3x outputs 5V 850mA I just assumed it was the same for all V3 models. it'll still work fine but perhaps it may charger a bit slower.
  4. 850mA according to the charger supplied by Motorola.
  5. does the ms907 come with a foam windshield as well?
  6. yep Ive been using my RH1 with the v3x charger since I got it. Im glad Sony put a standard USB plug on this unit, saves having a million chargers lying around the place
  7. I second this, although I have only ever heard ATRAC 2.0, which sounded very tinny I'd imagine that ATRAC 1 would've been even worse. still I'd love to have an MZ-1 someday just as a piece of history, what are that chances of Sony actually still servicing those units?
  8. if memory serves me correctly the eh50 and eh1 are player only units. I think essentially any MD unit by Sony that has a E before an a number e.g. E75, E900, E710 is player only. There is however the NH3D which is a download only Hi-MD unit with no screen and which comes with the 3line remote, although Im not sure if you can still buy it anywhere.


    now THAT is very sweet... now all we need is a Hi-MD head unit that supports mp3 and Im sure someone'll stick that in their computer, and it shouldn't be too hard either if it's the correct dimensions.
  10. NIGHTS

    N710 EEPROM Data

    how in hells name did you wipe out the EEPROM?? I seriously doubt anyone has managed to dump the EEPROMs of any MD recorders in the history of the format. Time to go looking for a new recorder I think
  11. 1. Well there could be depending on what recorder you're using and which version of ATRAC it has, you could definately hold a little more music on your disc using Hi-MD mode and uploading in Hi-SP. I dont think there's any difference in quality between the two programs, although I REALLY would like to have the option to encode at High Quality like the ATRAC plugin for Sound Forge does (it does actually make a difference). 2. Nope nothing new here, can only use 1 dsp at a time and that includes the dynamic normaliser, which kinda annoys me cause iI really need to use EQ and have that feautre going. So I manually replaygain every single track before I import it into sonicstage and then transfer it to my MD, so now I have every single track on my MD at roughly the same volume and I can use the EQ as well.
  12. Sony = VAIO (PC platform) obviously Sony would want their products to interface with their own products a little more seemlessly than anyone elses, including Apple. Or perhaps it comes down to a slight arrogance from Sony's powers that be, considering all the stuff the Sony has created in the past I HIGHLY doubt it'd be very difficult for the engineers to create seemless compatability with Mac and PC.
  13. Hmm thanks for the tip... I dont suppose that little ferrite core could help with that could it? Sorry about that I guess Im just a tad bit anxious to see whether i should buy one or not as it'd make recording just a tad easier holding the remote instead of the actual unit in my hand when making a live recording (I kinda dont want to drop it )
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