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AA3 plugin for Win Media Player

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I am sure that folks that have belonged to this forum longer that I have already know this, so forgive me if most veterans already have this on hand, but I recall reading a forum post here that related to the ability of Win Media Player to play AA3 files...

There *is* a plugin supposedly provided by Sony (Asia) for Windows Media Player for AA3 file types. I don't recall where I first found it, but I happened onto an installler compressed into a RAR compressed archive file.

It's available on a number of sites... just search the web for AA3 and RAR, and you should happen onto it.

I did search minidisc.org, but no search results turned up. Even when I looked at the public FTP area of the site... If it's here, I don't know that it is <smile> You'll need a file decompressor that can handle RAR file types.

I hope that this helps some of you newer folks to all of this (as I am new to MiniDisc.org, but not to MiniDisc technology).

PS: If what I got sounds like the same thing as the plugin for SonyMediaSoftware applications, I don't honestly think that it is, as I have had ACID and Sound Forge and Vegas (all current versions) installed on my PC for some time and use them all regularly; WMP would not handle AA3 files until I installed the WMP plugin that I found as described above.

PPS: Also for newer folks to this... yes there is a WinAmp plugin available as well. A quick 'Net search will turn it up for you.

Doug W.

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Hi there,

The WinAmp plugin is already in the forum's DL area... but it only handles OMA and OMG file types (which I won't touch any closer than someone with a bad case of the flu! <ggg>)... so this plugin isn't of much use for me. But it exists...

The Win Media Player plugin... it *does* work wonderfully with WMP to play back AA3 files. As I don't want to be the cause of someone complaining about some software-related problem, I'll just suggest that you search the 'Net for the keywords AA3 and RAR. You're looking for the Sony AA3 plugin v0.98 (that's the one that I use at least). I just did a search and found it on a site called softpedia.com (I'm not condoning nor condemning this site... that's just where I found it right now). I make no claims about this; neither good ones or bad ones... but this plugin works quite well and quite seamlessly for me in WMP. No issues at all <ggg>.

Hope this helps.

Doug W.

Do you have plugins that work? You could simply add them as attachments to a reply.
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Well... OK... I don't know if everyone else has this or not... and I don't vouch for anything about this plugin... but OK... here you go... in ZIP format.

It works for me... I have it installed on a whole bunch of PCs both at home and where I work (I'm a school tech integrator/coordinator). I'm good to go with it.

Doug W.

Do you have plugins that work? You could simply add them as attachments to a reply.


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