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Cleaning RH1 display

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I think I've just about figured out what size and shape a screen protector needs to be to adequately protect the RH1's display screen. I've got a paper template that fits nicely, and an Inkscape drawing derived from that template.

Now I have a slightly different problem - the RH1's display cover is.. um.. covered in fingerprints. Needless to say, this makes it a bit difficult to stick a screen protector on the screen, because the glue (which is pretty weak to begin with) just sticks to the fingerprints. Water and a Microfibre cloth doesn't seem to remove them very well - it just leaves a greasy smear on the display.

Ordinarily I'd use some of the 50% isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) I keep around for cleaning laptop LCDs, or one of my LCD cleaning wipes, but the instructions for the RH1 say that alcohol might damage the finish on the RH1...

Has anyone found something that will remove grease from the RH1 without damaging the plastic?

Like I said, the LCD cleaning cloths look promising excepting the fact that they're saturated with alcohol (mixed 1:1 with water from what I can tell)...


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Do not use alcohol in any form! Just breathe on the display, and then immediately clean it with a soft cotton cloth.

Tried that - didn't work.

I used one of the LCD cleaning wipes in the end - they didn't damage the display, and it got the glue residue off (cursed cheaply-made screen protectors). I did try it on a tiny part of the edge of the plastic first, though - no damage.

EDIT: screen protector template moved to a new thread.

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Best stuff I've found for applications like this is the material sold by the InvisibleShield (Shieldzone) people. You can either buy uncut material or you can buy something pre-cut for a DVD player screen and have a good sized piece to cut from. This stuff is thin, tough, clear, and goes on and off without adhesives or solvents.

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You could use windex to clean the display.

About InvisibleShielh or Best Skins Ever, both are terryfic. You can try to scratch the skin with a key or a pencil and nothing happens. I recommend everyone the Best Skins Ever protector since it's the same material as the Invisible Shield but it cost like 15 dollars less.

( http://www.bestskinsever.com )

( http://www.shieldzone.com )

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Alcohol is not good for most plastic, including the LCD display on your laptop. Over time it can yellow it. I have used Klear Screen and it works very well. I has no alcohol or ammonia (as does Windex), both are bad for plastic. It was designed for cleaning laptop LCD displays. You may find it as an IPOD cleaning kit, or go to their web site.

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