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Auto EXE Installer Request?

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Sure thing...

How would you prefer the installer:

1) All DLL and EXE files contained within - larger download

2) A smaller installer that only downloads what is required from my website automatically - Smaller download, but requires internet connection when installing.

Basically, what I was thinking with point 2 is that if none of the external Dll's that HIMDRenderer uses have changed, then the installer will only download the new HIMDRenderer.exe file

Or should I scrap that idea and just bundle it all with one release (which I was going to do with 0.60)

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I would say both :lol:

A offline installer and a seperate updater - or a inbuilt updater in the program itself (like firefox)?

lol It is a small program so download time isn't too much of a consern.

But a offline installer is a must for alot of people! ;)


Edit: What version of lame is in there? LAME 3.97 beta 3 is out.


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