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MiniDisc (MZ-NH900) to the rescue...

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One of the kids' iPods came down with something ( "sad iPod icon" ) which Apple support suggests is a hardware problem. Froze, reset, sad iPod icon in that order. It's the first iPod failure in our household, but it came a week before a marching band bus trip which (I am told) is impossible to survive without portable tunes.

I offered up my MZ-NH900 as a substitute, which he gleefully accepted. Then he marveled at how fast Simple Burner just slapped his CDs onto a Hi-MD without having to import them into a desktop application first.

Not related to the "Rescue 900" (vs. Rescue 911...get it?...dumb joke...never mind), but he was still bummed that he probably would lose 1,600+ tunes on his iPod, only a fraction of which are in his iTunes library on *my* computer because I guess I just don't want them there. But just before we put the iPod into the shipping box provided by Apple, he tried it again, and it turned on, and stayed on long enough to connect it to the desktop and pull off all of his tunes with PodUtil. PodUtil then dumps the copied songs into iTunes, where I guess I will leave them in case of future failures.

One happy ending...one new Hi-MD user (even if temporarily).

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