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SonicStage 4.x Install Problem

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I use WinXP home edition SP2...I had sonicstage 3.4 working just fine. I went to install 4.0 and tried installing over 3.4 and the 4.0 version didn't show up just the bundled "simple burner." I figured it was the 3.4 interfering and unistalled 3.4 and tried again. the same problem still happens but now i don't have 3.4 to fall back on! oy vey...one of the errors i get when trying to install 4.0 is that i need to "insert disc 1" or manually find the following file on my system "C:\DOCUME~1\...1\LOCALS~1\Temp\sonicext.tmp\SsSetup". as there is no disc 1 i'm at a loss for why this shows up. and when i go to browse for the file the pop message just disappears and the install says it's over. SS4 does not show up on the start menu but there is a SS4 file (but no exe file to start the prog).

does any of this sound familiar to anyone? can anyone offer some good advice on how to resolve this? i just got back from a trip to south africa and i have over 11 MDs to transfer to my system. if there is a link to 3.4 around that would be great, too...why is this program so problematic?! :scratchhead:

anyway, cheers for the help!

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okay, this is crazy! i just can't seem to get this *&$#@ to install!...

Try following these directions exactly:


They solved all of my SonicStage installation problems. On the downside, the reason why I had to do so much installing and uninstalling was because I could never get version 4.x to create ATRAC CDs. So, I use 3.4.

Good luck.

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