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  1. thanks for the quick response. you know, as soon as i posted i realized that it is likely that i was using a different XLR to min cable. i could have sworn that i didn't but now i'm guessing that i was wrong...doh! What I bought was this: Mogami XLRF Mini and what I need is this: SoundPro SP-XLRF3MINI1 estupido mio
  2. In the past I've used an XLR-to-Mini cable to connect a Sennheiser K6/ME66 to a Sony MZ-M100 minidisc recorder. I had no problems. Today I got my own K6/ME66 and used the same cable as before to connect my gear. What I get is a weak left signal. The right is about 3-times as strong. I thought it might be the cable so I brought it in and tested it out in a local Guitar Center. It seemed to replicate the problem on their equipment as well (even with a different mic). So, I bought a new cable. However, when I connect everything up at home it does the exact same thing (weak left) as the old cable. Does anyone have any idea of what is going on? Solutions? Cheers for your time...
  3. A friend and colleague of mine from Colombia is soon to complete his independent, collaborative, documentary film on the forced displacement of Afro-Colombian peoples. It's a beautifully shot film and a touching story even for those that don't favor the flavor of political issues. I strongly suggest seeing it when it makes the circuit but in the mean time he has asked me to spread the word on the film's web site that he just put up. Cheers for your time! http://web.mac.com/juan_mejia/Uprooted/
  4. Cheers, pepper, for the comment. you know, i forgot to write down my levels that night...but i might have put it on auto (which is highly unusual but since it was a first time and i was trying to be 'secretive'...well, it's possible). i know that doesn't help :-)

  5. I like this recording very much,as every stand up show ive tried to record sounds too quiet and distant.I will be recording a poet myself in june,and will be only a few feet from the stage.Do you know what your rec levels were set at for this show.Good work on this recording.

  6. thanks for the help, folks! i'm not sure what worked but i am now running 4.0...i do appreciate the tips though!!!
  7. okay, this is crazy! i just can't seem to get this *&$#@ to install!...
  8. thanks for the links. i appreciate the help!
  9. I use WinXP home edition SP2...I had sonicstage 3.4 working just fine. I went to install 4.0 and tried installing over 3.4 and the 4.0 version didn't show up just the bundled "simple burner." I figured it was the 3.4 interfering and unistalled 3.4 and tried again. the same problem still happens but now i don't have 3.4 to fall back on! oy vey...one of the errors i get when trying to install 4.0 is that i need to "insert disc 1" or manually find the following file on my system "C:\DOCUME~1\...1\LOCALS~1\Temp\sonicext.tmp\SsSetup". as there is no disc 1 i'm at a loss for why this shows up. and when i go to browse for the file the pop message just disappears and the install says it's over. SS4 does not show up on the start menu but there is a SS4 file (but no exe file to start the prog). does any of this sound familiar to anyone? can anyone offer some good advice on how to resolve this? i just got back from a trip to south africa and i have over 11 MDs to transfer to my system. if there is a link to 3.4 around that would be great, too...why is this program so problematic?! anyway, cheers for the help!
  10. thanks much for the updated standalone version!
  11. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...si&img=3670 Notes: This is my first live concert/event recording. I was seated about 12 feet from a stage speaker with the mic on my lap. I did some basic "equalizing" of the sound using the Roxio 9 audio editor in order to deal with some of the clapping. I had to boost up the audio line for LKJ so some may hear a little airy sound. Overall, though, I am fairly impressed with the performance of this 'stealth' mic considering its size. I appreciate any constructive feedback people want to offer... http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...si&img=3670 Linton Kwesi Johnson Poetry Reading-Performance Recording Date: October 12, 2006 Club: 142 Throckmorton - Mill Valley CA Equiptment: Panasonic Electret Condenser Capsule in a Uni-bal pen with a SONY - MZ M100 HI-MD MINIDISC RECORDER in PCM mode. >>>>>>>>>>for those interested>>>>>>>>>>> the whole show can be found here: ftp.califoracle.com or http://rapidshare.de/files/37048685/LKJ_Li...ey_CA.part1.rar http://rapidshare.de/files/37049393/LKJ_Li...ey_CA.part2.rar ...
  12. lol, as far as i understand things that's exactly what it is
  13. granted, i'm not as much into the asthetic of the disc as i am the quality/longevity so i'll bow out of that part of the thread but i just thought i'd pass on that the classic blues are available for US$3.99 over at musiciansfriend.com and they give free shipping on orders over US$99. i've never bought from them but the shop appears decent enough (and about 2 bucks cheaper than others).
  14. cheers Lopar-XL! (i'm no pro either...not yet at least heheh) i'm shooting for FM radio but i will also use some of the audio to produce podcasting and multimedia for Web content. so, i've been test recording on PCM lateley and and it does seem like Hi-SP is more than adequate for podcasting but i'm just not sure about FM broadcasting. i'm figuring i'll just go PCM all the way unless i'm in a controlled environment for a one-on-one interview that is likely to go over the PCM 94 minute max.
  15. no doubt although, i own both an ipod (one of them first gen ones) and an mz-m100...so, who am i to talk
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