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I ordered a 5 pack of Hi-MDs from minidisc-canada.com, as it seemed to be the cheapest way to get some good minidiscs here in Canada. I made the order of January 1st, and according to Paypal, the payment went through, but I haven't received any contact from minidisc-canada saying that they received my order. I looked on the site, and it says the order hasn't been processed yet... I have e-mailed them several times, but have never gotten any reply back. I tried calling them today, only to be greeted by an answering machine.

I'm starting to think that I'm going to lose $40...

Has anyone else delt with this company before? Are they crooks, or reliable?

Also, if anyone knows how I could cancel this payment (it was through my debit card, with Paypal), it would be greatly appreciated.



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