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  1. Hey guys! I've been away for years from here. I'm sure much has changed. Anyway, I'm going on a trip soon, and I was thinking of digging out and dusting off some of my old MD recording gear. Is there Mac software for MZ-NH1 or DH10P? The last time I played around with my old MD toys I had to do real-time transfers of recordings by analog. Cheers
  2. If people want to post in their own language it's fine with me, although if I don't understand what's written I would simply move on to next post. I have an A816, but I didn't apply the firmware update as (from what I recall) it's for American residents only who want to use the Rhapsody service offerred through BestBuy USA. The clock icon gets replaced with a Rhapsody icon with it's functions. SonicStage CP 4.3 works perfectly now (for me anyway), although if used with music you didn't rip yourself from CD there can be problems. EU users can turn off the volume limiter imposed by French legislation by using service mode, search forums for how. Do not pay for the information (it's offerred for sale on eBay etc, appalling!), just search and get for free. Good luck, bonne chance
  3. The demise of CONNECT taught me an important lesson: DO NOT BUY DIGITAL RESTRICTED MUSIC, ANYWHERE, EVER It makes me ill to think of the hundreds of dollars I wasted on CONNECT downloads. Never again! Archive to CD is their solution to save the files, but if I wanted the music on CD I would have bought CD in the first place, duh. The message at Canadian CONNECT store says that the authentication servers are only up until December 31 2008, so what happens after that when I want to/need to restore my library?! Most of my music files are .oma and with 'Copy Protection: Available' since certain VAIO programs won't work otherwise. At least their MP3 Conversion Tool will transcode those files, since they aren't bought from CONNECT (tested it). What I don't understand is why this is an 'either/or' situation for Sony. Why does atrac & SonicStage need to be dumped completely in North America in favour of Windows Media Player and protected .wma? Why not have both possible on the same device? Why do lawyers and marketing people have such influence over Sony product decisions?! I would have been really happy being able to use SonicStage AND Windows Media Player with the same device. I did buy one of the newer "open" players to try out, and I do like it for use with a service like Napster etc. It's very convenient, although of course songs with WMA DRM won't play on PS3 when connected duh. I think the next Walkman I get will be an import from Japan where they still use atrac and SonicStage. That's if I don't get further annoyed by more brilliant changes from Sony.
  4. maxthrusters

    I HAVE to say this!

    Maybe the explanation is simple: Ishinoshi and Kurisu got themselves girlfriends/boyfriends (whatever) and now have a life! hehe Seriously though I do miss seeing the blog updated.
  5. Users of multiple ATRAC-enabled walkmans and multiple computers might want to keep the Connect functionality in SonicStage for the "authorization" feature. I like being able to transfer songs from PC to walkman and then to another different PC
  6. Minidisc Canada is great. I bought my NH1, DH10P, and loads of blanks from them over the past few years. When i do get an RH1 it will be from them. They seem to have great deals on HiMD blanks in particular. My last order was for some of those, as well as a disc cleaner, and it arrived two days later. I've never used PayPal with them though.
  7. A friend of mine has an iPod. To get "quality" sound, he just turns the volume up louder! I think that says it all
  8. To install, you download (to desktop, for example), run it...it's a zip extractor. Navigate to the walkman's drive and click OK. Safely disconnect walkman and you are done. Make sure you have firmware 3.0 first or it won't work. cheers
  9. No one owns a NZ-A8X player and still has the sample pictures? Connect Player to PC, browse with explorer to the <PICTURES> folder, and copy to desktop. Open browser, navigate to here, and Private Message me the photos. There's only a few small ones. Thanks
  10. Other countries have their own Sony support, I only looked at mine hehe
  11. Moving the files with explorer is a bad idea for several reasons. I could list them all if you like, however your best solution is to open SonicStage, and under Tools - Options - Location to save imported files you will find where to change the setting. You might have to create the folder structure you want first on the other drive. Once you change it, SonicStage starts moving all your files over. You should probably delete optimized files first (Tools - Options - Advanced Settings). Before doing any of the above I would strongly recommend running the SonicStage backup utility, just in case. Oh and turn off screensaver and power management. A large library can take hours to move. Good luck
  12. You're welcome! Perhaps your country's Sony interweb has some news regarding this issue
  13. I suspect SonicStage is being overwhelmed. I've experienced similar with my A3000, same walkman only bigger. Try this: Restart computer if it's been on awhile. CTRL-ALT-DELETE and end any unnecessary processes that hog memory (PVR recorder on my PC is a hog, as an example) Start SonicStage (with the walkman NOT connected) SonicStage: Tools - Cancel Get CD Info Automatically (if it's already greyed-out then you are good) SonicStage: Tools - Options - General "Run SonicStage automatically when an Atrac Audio Device is connected" UNCHECKED SonicStage: Tools - Options - Transfer - select Atrac Audio Device, and click Transfer Settings Button, then Advanced. Auto Transfer: Transfer Automatically When the Atrac Audio Device is connected" should be UNCHECKED. Click OK buttons to get back to library. Exit SonicStage. Connect Walkman via USB as per normal. Wait for the autoplay to come up, if asked by Windows what to do, select do nothing. Start SonicStage, and the database on the walkman will be updated. If this doesn't begin, then in the top bar on the right select Transfer and choose your device from the drop-down. It can take awhile if the player has been used alot and never updated, as you say, for over a year. Basically it's writing up the entire play history and ranking all the songs by favourites and more...so it won't be quick for you! I'd leave it and go to bed while it does it's thing. You can change your SonicStage settings back if you wish after the player update. Initializing is a last resort, since it formats the device and you lose all the songs from player. Good luck, let us know how it all works out Max
  14. http://www.sony.ca/view/477.htm January 16, 2008 Thank you for your support and patronage of Sony® products. It has come to our attention that a limited number of NW-S600 series and NW-S700 series Walkman® MP3 Players, may exhibit some of the following sound issues: Low sound, intermittent sound, or no sound through the headphones. Sound on only one side of the headphones. Static or noise through the headphones. We have determined that this only occurs in a limited number of devices, where the headphone plug is subjected to frequent movement. This movement may cause damage to an FPC (flexible printed circuit) within the player that is connected to the headphone jack. Affected Models NW-S603, NW-S705F and NW-S706F Walkman MP3 Players. Resolution Until November 20, 2013, Sony will repair, free of charge, affected Walkman Players exhibiting any of the above-mentioned symptoms where it is caused by damage to the FPC connected to the headphone jack. Sony will also cover the cost of shipping and handling from and to addresses within Canada. All the terms of the Limited Warranty continue to apply. Troubleshooting Sound Issues Through the Headphones Please follow the steps below to determine if the sound issues may be resolved without service. 1. Verify that the headphones are firmly plugged into the headphone jack on the player. 2. If the headphones have a volume control, set the volume on the player to a high level and use the volume control on the headphones to adjust the volume to the desired listening level. 3. Connect the headphones to a different music device. NOTE: If the issue persists when the headphones are connected to another device, the issue is with the headphones and not with the Walkman MP3 player. 4. If an extension cable is being used to connect the headphones, disconnect the extension cable and then connect the headphones directly to the player. NOTE: If this resolves the issue, the issue is with the extension cable and not with the Walkman MP3 player. 5. Connect a different set of headphones to the player. NOTE: If the issue persists with a different set of headphones, please continue to the next section to arrange for service. How to Obtain Service To obtain further information about how to have affected product that exhibits the above noted condition properly serviced, please click on the following link. http://www.sonystyle.ca/commerce/servlet/L...tortype=service If you have any questions, or require assistance, please call Sony Support at 1-877-899-7669 (SONY).
  15. Seems it's a known issue, I noticed this the other day http://www.sony.ca/view/477.htm Not much help for you, in South America. Perhaps if you visit North America between now and 2013 (when they stop the free repair) you can send it in. Or maybe you have a friend up here who you trust to send it in for you on your behalf or something. Good luck
  16. Hi folks, I recently got an NWZ-A816, and deleted the sample photos. I'd like them back, so if anyone who still has them can post them or send them to me that would be great. They are in the <PICTURES> folder as I recall. Cheers, Max
  17. maxthrusters

    Sony NW-MS70D

    If you are patient you can get an MS70D on eBay for $50US-$90US, I've seen them at these prices on occasion. $50 for used with wear, $90 for "new", likely refurb. Sometimes a member here offers one in the classifieds too. The memory stick at the Sony Store here in Canada are $34.99CAN (128mb), presumably cheaper in USA. Unless you are into MS70D for nostalgia you might want to get a newer player: bigger capacity, probably better sound, only a tiny amount more expensive hehe. A used one might have cosmetic flaws: the lettering might be faded, the MS latch door might be loose, the Hold switch might be loose, and the body might be possibly dirty. I got mine on eBay and that's how it was, but I fixed all that (well, not the lettering).
  18. maxthrusters

    Sony NW-MS70D

    The NW-MS470D is an old-school player, it can only use the original Memory Stick Duo that came in 64MB and 128MB (blue/purple colour). The Memory Stick Duo Pro cards will not work. It has 256MB of internal memory. It also will only play files in ATRAC3plus, so SonicStage will convert MP3 etc before transfer. It was the first device to support ATRAC3plus, AFAIK. Originally around $400, it was released at around the same time as the first iPod. You can find the Memory Stick through a Sony store, they still carry them. I'd avoid buying Memory Sticks on eBay, they are usually fakes (which don't have working openMG which the player relies on).
  19. It's true. I also have A3000, and doing a dynamic playlist transfer of all tracks from a decade (more than 1000 tracks) gets truncated. The songs get transferred though, just not on playlist. I didn't much care mind you, as I was just using dynamic playlists to simplify transfer.
  20. I have an MS70D, same thing but even less capacity. They were indeed over $400CA when they came out, I remember quite well. While I have other Walkmans, I do love to see my MS70D sitting on a shelf in it's cradle. It just looks so cool! It had a lot going for it when it came out, style-wise as well as functionality. Of course the first Apple iPod came out pretty much at the same time, and the world didn't want Sony for portable audio this time. Sometime I take it off the shelf and load an album or two to listen. It still sounds great, even with the bundled headphones, although not nearly as good as the newer Walkmans I have bought since. If worn around the neck, people who see it are always impressed by it's looks, even now after several years. These beautiful titanium Walkmans had limitations though, seemingly imposed by having too many lawyers involved in the design process. Oh well.
  21. My A3000 plays just fine through my PS3. Maybe you haven't enabled ATRAC in PS3 options? It does take a few moments for the PS3 to read the walkman hard drive, try again.
  22. I'm quite relieved. I went and bought some more songs from Connect Canada lol
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