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Speakers & output to other devices

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Hi, I'm new to the world of minidisc & was wondering if anyone has good info on playing the minidisc through speakers rather than the headphones. I have an MZ-NHF800 with a line in but no line out. I'm wondering if speaker impedance might be an issue.

Can I use a cable from the player's headphone socket into an mp3 input on a stereo without overloading it?

Also, the line in came with an optical cable but I'm under the impression that an ordinary cable can also be used to connect from various sources. That would be neat as I'd love to copy some old cassettes to disc.

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The line-out essentially raise the volume to the max with no EQ, and plugging to portable speakers should not be an issue. The line-in is both optical and analog, so you can plug your tape player if you wish.

Thanks very much for that information.

I must say, I'm very happy with the minidisc player and have quickly become a fan. Much better sound than any mp3 player I've come across and I bought mine in a 'bundle' that came with batteries and recharger for $190 AUS. 1Gb discs have been costing me $3.45 each and in the high density mode I get about 10 complete cd's per disc. It seems fairly robust as well as I dropped mine from the top flight of steps on a train carriage (much to my dismay). It suffered a compression on the plastic case but hasn't skipped a beat. If Sony had been able to get the price down a bit on the players and offered something comparable to itunes -not impossible given that they own so much music anyway, they might have captured a significant slice of the market that now belongs to the ipod.

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Congrats on finding MD. Have you upgraded to SonicStage 4.2 CP? It allows more flexibility over previous versions. IIRC it is available in the downloads section. Or search for SS 4.2 CP.

It's been a while since I checked this forum.

thanks for the tip, I'll try v4.2 - the version it was bundled with is a bit old.

I noticed that v4.3 can be downloaded from Sony - I believe it has support for Vista.



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