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  1. I was wondering how I would go about this, using a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter I can connect my guitar to my MD. But would I hook it up to the mic or line-in? Also, I have an effects pedal that needs to be added into the equation. Do I still need a pre-amp even with the effects pedal? And what if i was to not use the pedal, would it be different. Some advice and maybe even suitable settings for my effects pedal (Boss OS-2) and RH1 would be awesome. Haha I don't have much experience with recording.
  2. I really miss the old form factor that minidiscs used to have. My RH1 I actually don't like it too much looks wise, soundwise its awesome. Is the only way to get it through ebay? I don't trust that place to do online shopping. Yeah, so N910 new in box? Anybody happen to have seen one? Or N10, N920 but preferably the N910.
  3. I would like to seriously suggest the AKG K81DJ headphones. The bass actually has 'oomph' to it and does not sound muddy or bloated. The soundstage and dynamics of it are definitely above average but isn't the best out there. The highs are nice and clear and won't give you fatigue unlike some headphones. I honestly think this the best headphone under $100 and would give the PX-100s some serious competition (note I have not actually heard the PX-100s before, but I am confident in the AKGs). I got my from Amazon for about $70~ shipped.
  4. Hmm for under $100 I would vote for my AKG K81DJs. The CNET lists are a joke.
  5. Got a new guitar (Ibanez RGT42DX), pedal to complement it (Boss OS-2) and of course a hard shell case. Not only that but I also got myself a PSP slim just recently. Hoping to get a 60/80GB PS3 for cheap on boxing day.
  6. Sparda

    RH1 Troubles

    Interesting... I wonder how it works, never heard of a software like this, maybe it just compresses the data?
  7. Sparda

    RH1 Troubles

    Good news! I have crawled back to MD on my hands and knees. The P2's screen crapped out on me. It started to glitch and shift/distort around. So I will most likely not be buying another mp3 for awhile. I will just get another remote (haha the exact reason why I only use the remote, I knew one day it would wear out so I wouldn't have to replace the unit itself). I missed the detail and clarity I would get from MD, I guess I will just suck it up and live with 1GB per disc. If only they had higher capacity discs...
  8. Sparda

    RH1 Troubles

    Yeah! I was using the remote 24/7. The number of times the buttons on the unit itself used can be counted with just two hands. What you described is pretty much exactly the problem I was having. Too bad I already retired it as my DAP. It's now sitting in my drawer along with my blanks. R.I.P.
  9. Sparda

    RH1 Troubles

    Yeah I considered buying that one when it first came out a looong time ago. I'm glad I didn't though or else I would have regretted it. The looks and features of it doesn't appeal to me anymore. And yes portables wise I have not found anything that comes even close to MD in SQ.
  10. Ha, that only comes with the Qualia, and the Qualia costs how much? 2k... I think thats about right. Seriously though, who in their right mind would buy the Qualia.
  11. Sparda

    RH1 Troubles

    I've done it, I have gone to the dark side. Today or actually yesterday I went and got the Samsung YP-P2. It's a great DAP, but MD beats it SQ wise hands down. Although with all those sound tweaks and adjustments Samsung offers you can get a very unique sound, or in my case close to the sound signature of my RH1. I got it for convenience, 8GB of music/videos without having to carry 7 extra discs is very handy. Anyways going a bit off topic.
  12. Yeah, I think it would be great if Sony could do that. However the only reason I would agree is because of flash memory's faster read/write speed and higher capacities. Carrying a bunch of MDs in my pocket is not very practical anymore. Even if you carried 5 PRO Duos its not going to take much space.
  13. Sparda


    Lol, you just noticed? Thats why so many people are bummed out why Sony didn't decide to improve upon MD and use them in the PSP.
  14. I know this is really random but doesn't anyone ever wonder why there were almost 4k people online on the 17th of december? Thats quite a bit compared to how many are online everyday.
  15. Sparda

    RH1 Troubles

    Yeah, I was actually going to get the EH70 in black or blue awhile ago. Instead I decided to save the money and buy a few more blanks. Some of that money is now going towards the new DAP, I might still consider the EH70, but the YP-P2 is real good eye candy. I don't think the recording head is going to crap out anytime soon so hopefully I don't need a backup recorder.
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