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SonicStage won't load

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hi everyone, unfortunately my first post is a desperate help request...

When I try to launch SonicStage the program would.. well, not crash with a proper error message, simply QUIT without a reason after the "Initializing UI components..." procedure appears on the splash screen. I have tried with the bundled 3.4 SS, with the 4.2 and with the 4.3, but the problem is the same. I have read several troubleshooting articles/faqs and apparently there is no reason why SS should not work. Specifically:

I have SP2 installed

I do not have "that" Microsoft security update installed (unless it's built-in in SP2 in fact)

and I do not have an nVidia video card.

I thought it might have been because of the language of the OS (Italian) but in my notebook it works flawlessly.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks alot!

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do you use any 'windows skinning'-software (which alters the look of you system)? These are known to cause conflicts with SS

if you do not, you could always try a cmplete reinstall as explained in the stickied threads in the software support section

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And you may also try installing an Italian version of SS. It is contained in the European version. Although Italian operating systems should be fully supported by the English European version. Even Russian are!

Also, try this utility to make sure your data access components function OK: http://forums.minidisc.org/downloads/details.php?file=8 . One word of caution. Download the version from this forum, and not from the manufacturer - the latter is no longer free.

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