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HIMDRenderer not "tagging" naming WAVs or MP3 file names

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I've noticed with himdrenderer054 it doesn't name WAV's from the tag? Could this be added? Would be handy when making audio CD's that the WAV's are named. As a work around I can rip to FLAC then in MediaMonkey convert to WAV which does rename them as per the tag. I could burn direct from FLAC using Media Monkey but I prefer Nero and my old copy of nero doesn't support FLAC. So I use WAV's

himdrenderer054 also doesn't write out the filename for MP3 etc. Which is a pain if you've a filetree player or don't use tags. Again I can use MediaMonkey to rename the files based on the tags. Be handier if himdrenderer054 did it though.

In the meanwhile mediamonkey saves a lot of time.

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Problem with naming files with the tag content is that there are many ways to actually format the filename. And each different way may be wrong for some users, but ok for others.

E.g: I prefer :

Artist ---- Title

Some may prefer

Title --- Album - Artist

And even

Track Number) Artist - Album ---- Title

And subdirectories may also be preferred:

Artist / Album / Track Number) Title

I shall see if I can add a way of allowing the user to specify an automatic way of naming files. Perhaps I shall use the technique used by the cd ripping program CDEx where by you specify how you want tracks named by specifiing %1, %2, %3 etc and the program automatically substitutes %1 with the artist, %2 with the title, etc

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