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MZ-RH910 quality?

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Hello everybody!

I was offered a used (almost new!) MZ-RH910 at a very good price. The catch is that I remember some posts and anecdotal evidence stating that the overall quality of this particular model is uneven and prone to failures.

Could anybody please enlighten me? Repair stats? Personal experience?

I already own an RH1 (saving it for uploads and special show-off occasions!) and a RH700 (ugly and bulky, but a recording workhorse), but I would also like a cheap and dependable day to day Hi-MD listening unit.

Your help/opinions is greatly appreciated.

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I have the RH10, which is similar to the RH910. ...

In my experience it has been a pretty reliable unit. The OLED screen on mine finally went out (due to being dropped), but the unit still works fine. I got it when it was first available.

The OLED screen of the RH10 units does suffer from some dimming over time. I honestly think the displays on the RH910's will outlast the RH10's.

The only downsides to the RH910 in my mind are:

1 - Inability to record in MDLP formats on-unit.

2 - Mp3 playback, while included.. Is a bit lackluster.

Regardless of those, if I was offered a like-new RH910 for a decent price I would almost certainly take it.

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I bought mine used one year ago. I use it almost daily and have had no real problems. Sometimes the buttons do odd things, like not stopping the unit when I press stop, or track-forwarding when cancelling out of a menu, but these things are very intermittent.

I think the build quality is pretty good considering the thing is plastic, and I like the navigation on the unit. This is the easiest unit to input titles with since the Sharp 722 (with the big jog ring). First thing I did, though, was buy a screen protector for the display and mirrored surface. Battery life is decent even in quick mode.

I'm pretty happy with mine.

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Already having two RH1s, I was lucky enough to buy a used 2-year old blue RH910 in mint condition (the previous owner actually did not use it). And I am really happy. It sounds softer and more musically than the RH1. No glitches yet (I remember button glitches of the RH10 I once owned). I am using it almost round the clock since the beginning of August, connected to an amplifier and an adapter (not worrying about the display burnout). I also tested its battery life, and found it impressive, even with the supplied NW-10WM gumstick, not speaking about the gumstick/AA sidecar combination, which gives a battery life in excess of that stated in the manual.

The only mode, in which the RH1 actually sounds better than the RH910 is LPCM, since the dynamic range of the RH1 is wider.

I strongly advice you to get an RH910, while it is still possible.

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