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  1. star

    Eat dick you piece of shit

  2. I work for an international religious broadcaster, and we still do voiceovers on MD. This requires me, as a video editor, to have a minidisc deck in my suite for acquiring the VOs. This deck sometimes gets used, accidentally of course, to output a part of my personal audio collection via optical cable from Foobar2000. I have lobbied to have the MD discs given to me when/if we abandon the format. Our radio division still uses them extensively for archiving, although I think they're beginning to move away from the format.
  3. Go ahead and grab a unit or two. It's a great machine, and I've already got a spare. The idea of no more new machines is sad, though. Maybe I'll buy another spare to make myself feel better!
  4. It displays four different info screens, one of which is the album art. Really nice screen. It's a great unit, but the battery life is really bad.
  5. You know, star, all of us minidisc lovers have already been told that our toys are obsolete. We know how popular iPods are, and how much music fits on one, thanks. And most of us can use a computer, too. We all know where our format stands in relation to the state of the art. We don't care. MD gives us something we don't get from a list on a screen; do you not understand that, or does it bother you somehow? Here's what I do: I download most of my music these days, 'cause it's what I can afford. When rushed, I listen to songs using Foobar. I archive them to CD-R, and move them onto my network attached storage for good measure. Then, I RECORD THEM REAL-TIME to MINIDISC, using a carefully chosen ATRAC codec. Sometimes I choose a certain color MINIDISC because it'll look good with the COVER I'M GOING TO DESIGN and stick on my MINIDISC. When I want to hear music, even though I have three computers (which all have screens and mouses and mousepads and decent soundcards and optical drives and network cards to get to my server), even though I have three computers, I RIFLE THROUGH MY MINIDISCS and play one of those. Why? BECAUSE I LIKE TOO! I really, really do. To do all this recording, btw, I need more blanks. I don't know what your point is. Are you just trying to be a jerk? Your reply about the wizards dad and philippeb's mom was really callous.
  6. Bwil

    MD users today

    Me too, brother. Sticks are hard to find in new cars... I get a variety of responses to my use of MD, but my response to them is always this: It gets me closer to my music. I can hold my music in my hands, see the art that I made and applied carefully to the various surfaces, and enjoy the amazing quality that you get from well-recorded SP. If need be, I can throw a whole crapload of stuff onto a 1GB Hi-MD and have convenience. It's just the best compromise between our download culture and old habits of owning physical media. Ipod lovers don't get this anymore than automatic transmission drivers understand us stick fans. It IS worth the hassle, people!
  7. I love my KMD-44. It has an aux in, but you have to buy a separate adapter. My only gripe is that it doesn't have a Group button. Good luck finding one, though. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Kenwood_KMD-44.html
  8. I voted yes. MD will never be anything but a niche product, but that niche could make money. I download the majority of my new music from Emusic, and MD is the best way for me to have a physical manifestation of that music. And, with all the different styles and colors of minidiscs, combined with labeling, there is a lot of potential personal expression with this format. There MUST be a market for that (however small). Of course, the format is in the shape it's in partly *because* of Sony's "marketing." So I hold no hope of a revival. However, if any Sony people are monitoring this and want some ideas, don't hesitate to ask us!
  9. I'm in the US, and I appreciate the link. They're a little cheaper than Tape Warehouse, where I usually buy. I plan to purchase some more soon, so thanks!
  10. I usually press pause and then slide the record button. This doesn't produce that empty track. I guess the RH1 is quicker with starting the recording.
  11. I record my kids talking and the odd music event.
  12. I love my Kenwood KMD-44. It's great just popping a disc in that dedicated slot and not worrying about your portable sliding around your car. It's great having that big title display, too. But, I imagine these are nearly impossible to find.
  13. Probably my favorite experience was the first night I brought home my JB920. It was my first minidisc anything, back in 1999. I had a 10 pack of pale green Maxell discs, which was the only kind Circuit City sold at the time. I stayed up very late that night, backing up cassette tapes I had that I couldn't replace, recording LPs, and absolutely grooving on the way I could edit these recordings so precisely. As someone who had always enjoyed the process of recording, the quality and ease of use of minidisc just seemed magical. I also titled every track, using the nice, wide remote that came with that deck. Before long, I was using md to make mixtapes for my new girlfriend, who would later become my wife. I was deeply in love, and fortunately, my wife understands.
  14. Adobe Audition has a filter called Clip Restoration which lowers the amplitude and tries to reconstruct the flattened peaks. It works pretty well up to a point, but may not fix that kind of distortion.
  15. The RM-MC40ELK remote makes the RH1 a pretty complete machine. It will do what you're trying to do. It's a shame they didn't include title information on the unit's display, and that there isn't at least a GROUP button on the unit.
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